Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Diabetes and Work Update!

So, since the title of this blog is called Diabetes in the City, I figured I should give you all a diabetes update!

I have come to realize that my diabetes is actually behaving quite nicely as of late. No outrageous Highs, but a few more lows than normal. But for the most part, I've stayed realititvely normal.

Upon looking at my recent averages, per month, hours, and days, and comparing them to an A1C chart, it is estimated that I have an A1C at 6.5! This is great news for me, since all my A1C's have been higher than this.

To double check my results, I plan to purchase an at home A1C kit. I'm not sure the accuracies of these products, but having a bit more information than my own calculations never hurt anyone!

At work, I have been keeping quite busy. I've been working on the final touches to come up with a document about various projects and ideas that JDRF can start to look at for some redefining marketing purposes. The days are going by so fast, and this Friday is my last day, and includes a formal presentation with the other office intern, of our ideas.

It is very exciting work, busy, and I wish that I could continue working on these projects, and maybe se a few of them through all the way! It will be cool, to see, in 6 months from now, what comes out of JDRF!!!

My Internship Experience has been amazing!

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