Sunday, August 25, 2013

My last Post?

Well, the time has finally come where I can no longer write in a blog entitled "Diabetes in the Big City," for I no longer am living with Diabetes in the "Big City." Where I am at no, no longer can count as a big city.
That's what you call a country-side sunset
It was weird being back home, even it it was for a short while. I couldn't just get up and head to Times Square, there were no subways to catch, and when I looked up, I saw the sky, not skyscrapers. I also had to remember how to drive again.
Good ole-hometown.

It seems that the summer has been a dream. It was such an amazing experience, that sometimes I feel it must not have happened because it was too good to be true.
Back to Life on the Farm

For sure though, I will never forget my summer in NYC. I also know that if I ever had to move back, or visit, I could do it in a heartbeat. Well..maybe two heartbeats. ;)

Now the big question I am receiving from everyone, is if I will be moving to NYC after graduation. For me to move to the Big City, would be influenced of many factors. If I received a job at JDRF, then YES, I would do it, but it would be another big life adjustment. We will just have to wait  and see what this year has in store for me. You never know, another opportunity might appear, and I leave it in God's hands.
These guys were kittens when I left
I am officially moved back into my campus apartment. I start classes tomorrow, and it's back to doing harder work than when I was at work.
These fellas were happy to see me!
I'm excited for the Students with Diabetes year, and have already met with my fellow diabetesbuddy to start planning, sort of.
New Planner, New Year!

I've been busy with Phi Sigma Sigma, and very excited for what this year will have to offer.
My Sisters and I at our summer retreat!
On a  diabetes note, I have lost my good blood sugars. (insert grumpy face). In NYC, I had a day to day system, that barely ever changed. It was easy to keep track, and make changes to my diabetes regiment. Here, at school, I'm already messed up. Every day I have different classes, different times, and I'm already not going to sleep early enough. I hope to make this semester a much better one though in terms of diabetes management. I can't have another semester like last year, (which was my worst ever, in terms of diabetes).

So excited that our campus cafeteria has Crystal Light now!
I just wanted to say that I have enjoyed sharing my experiences with all of you. I hope you enjoyed reading them in return. I am also going to mention that I plan to continue writing a blog about my day to day experiences on living with diabetes, college, greek life, and my plans for after graduation. You can find my new blog here ---->

Again, thank you for sticking with me until the very end of this amazing experience.

May the Force be with you.
May the Odds be ever in your favor.
Live Long and Prosper.

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