Monday, July 29, 2013



So, it has been a few days since my last posting, and you might have been wondering why.
Maybe it was because I was out enjoying the city as much as possible?
Maybe it was because I was busy at work, and doing lots of things?


I have, pretty much, been immobile these last few days. 

Thursday I stayed home from work. I woke up, and was taking a shower, and realized that I could barely do that. How was I going to handle working 9-5 if I couldn't even take a shower? After debating with myself about going to work or not, I called my supervisor, left a message, and went back to bed. I didn't sleep though, because I was so worried that I would forget to call my supervisor back to make sure she got the message. It was a little bit after 9, when I got a call from her! She wanted me to get better, and told me to call her if I needed anything. After that I was able to fall back asleep. Although it was far from restfull, as I would wake up in coughing fits. My entire day was spent in bed, although I did move past soup for lunch, and instead had Spaghetti O's! I would have rather not eaten anything, but the lovely diabetes prevented that, with low blood sugars that kept poking their noses in. Thankfully I had plenty of Yogurts, Puddings, and Applesauces around which were easy on the throat. 
Rufus, the Bear with Diabetes, has kept me company while I've been feeling Icky.
Thursday was also a online conference with fellow members of Students With Diabetes. Many SWD interns were "virtually" present, along with a few people who were starting chapters at their local college. I felt empowered even more so, to start and continue the Students with Diabetes program at my University!

On Friday, I woke up, and went through the go to work debate again. This time though, I did end up going to work. I'm not sure how productive I was at work, but at least I was there, and I was able to compose and send out the tweets for the day!

When I got home from work though, I was ready for a nap. After my nap, I continued watching a T.V. series I had started the night before: Downton Abbey. It was sooo good, and by Saturday, I had watched all the episodes. Now I have to find a new series to get addicted to!

My roommate was visiting a cousin for the weekend, so I was left home alone, which is probably a good thing. I was not good company, with the hacking and nose blowing. I spent Saturday sleeping and watching T.V. I kept fighting with myself, saying I should get up, go out, see the world, but I couldn't even make myself get of my PJ's. 

Saturday Night, I did hear a knock on my door, and after making myself presentable, I answered, and there were some guys, whom I've never met, asking if I wanted to hang out. They were knocking on all the doors of the apartment building. Of course, the weekend when I don't feel good, and my roommate is out of town, people want to hang out!

Sunday was a bit better, for I did take a shower, and changed outta PJ's. I even ventured out into the real world to restock my groceries, but that was almost to much energy exerted. I was back in my bed for a nap after I got back and washed the dishes. 

I also made a phone call home to chat up with my lovely Father. That was enjoyable, although he kept trying to make me jealous of all the country things I was missing. Sweat Corn, Peas, Apples, Baby Bunnies, Kittys, blueberries, etc! He was trying to make it so that I never want to leave home again!!! 

My blood sugar numbers were very forgiving during this spout of illness. Nothing to outrageous! A little lower actually then normal. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July 22/23/24: Uh Oh.

Uh OH... What's Uh Oh you say?


I do not recall ever being sick during the summer, nothing that a quick allergy pill can fix. But this, this is definitely not just allergies. Sore Throat, Runny Nose, Cough, Dreary Eyes, overall feelings of "ugh." This, folks, is what we call the common cold!

Look at those "professional" glasses!
For a person with Diabetes though, it means one more thing we have to add to our plates. Living in here in NYC, I'll have to find myself a pharmacy, not like I don't see A million Duane Reads out there, I just have to go and get what I need.

I've taken naps the last two days after I get home from work, and I went to bed pretty early last night as well. I ate an entire can of soup yesterday. It was delicious, and the steam from my shower this morning also felt wonderful. I've worn glasses these last few days at work, just because my eyes would revolt against my contacts.

So to talk about diabetes with being sick. When a "normal" person is sick, they sit on the couch, eating whatever sounds good, or nothing at all, downing 16 glasses of orange juice. As a diabetic though, I cannot go about having 16 glasses of orange juice, nor can I just eat nothing. I have to watch my blood sugar even more carefully, normally Blood Sugar rises when sick. For me though, I tend to drop lower, requiring me to eat, which is sometimes the last thing I want to do when ill.

Thankfully I'm not at that point. I'm just at the "I want to sleep all day" point. I have to stop at the store on the way home and pick up some cough Drops, Orange Juice, and maybe another can of soup. Then it will be to my bed for a nap.

15 Reasons Why I Don't Have a Pump.

So I've realized I haven't posted a complete Diabetes Related post since my Diagnosis Story, and thought it would be time for another one!

This topic came to me the other day, when I saw a someone at a Restaurant in NYC (the owner actually) with an Insulin Pump.

I DO NOT HAVE AN INSULIN PUMP.<------My Diabetic Peeps ask me all the time  
why not??

It wasn't until this year at the Students with Diabetes (SWD) Conference , that I really realized that there are not many people who still take Multiple Daily Injections (MDI) with pens or syringes nowadays. Everyone uses a Pump, and a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) to help them manage their diabetes. I do not recall meeting anyone else, at least at the leadership conference part of SWD conference that had never been on the pump. Most people had been on it for a little while at least. I was the only one never to try it.

My older brother (also a T1D), doesn't have the pump either, and so I was naive, and never realized how many diabetics are actually on the pump until this year. I even attended Diabetes Camp for a year, and even there, I never realized how many people had pumps. the 15 reasons why I don't want or have the Insulin Pump.

1. I said my brother doesn't have a pump currently, but that doesn't mean he never did. My brother had the pump when I was diagnosed with Diabetes. So you might say, "oh you saw how wonderful it was right?" Nope! My brother's Pump gave him the worst of trouble.
    •  After he made a site change, he would be in pain & on the couch for hours on end. 
    • He was also in Wrestling at the time, and his site would rip off during meets, and he had issues because he never knew for sure when he would be in the ring, and had to be ready at a moments notice, so he would be off his pump for hours on end. (Back then, the pump wasn't easy to disconnect)
    • He could never really go swimming because of his pump, especially on site change days (back then, they weren't water proof).
    • He had major reactions to the adhesive, and it left giant welts on his body, which were there many years after he stopped the pump.
 2. I played a lot of sports growing up, and at the time, didn't want to have to worry about dealing with the extra pressure of Diabetes while on the pump and playing sports.
    • Someone could pull the tubing during basketball,  
    • The pump could be hit with a soccer ball and break
    • How do you run track or cross country with the pump bouncing on your side, or between the female body parts?
    • What if, during volleyball, I would be jumping up for a spike or block, and my pump fall out of my spandex and hit the floor, causing the game to pause, and/or my site ripping out?
3. I hate adhesives/sticky things. Pumps require Adhesives to keep the insertion site in the body, and extra adhesive would have to be applied if swimming, or exercising to keep the site on.
    • I don't like stickers, they are great for envelopes but not on human skin.
    •  I don't like tape, it is fine when wrapping something.
    • I haven't worn a band-aid in probably 4 years, just suck it up I say. 
4. I sweat a lot when exercising, therefore I would need extra tape to keep my sites on. (See above)

5. I toss in my sleep. Why is this a problem?
    • I would probably get wrapped up in the cord, and pull out the site if it was just laying next to me on the bed.
    • If it was in my pant pocket..
      • It is impossible to find female PJ's with pockets,
      • I would end up sleeping on it, and probably giving myself 100 extra units of insulin (unless I locked it first)
6. How about the OmniPod (cordless pump) then?
    • Because it's still big and bulky, and I would always have to have it on my butt at night.Why?
      • I'm a stomach and side sleeper, and I couldn't sleep on something that big, it's like sleeping on an old fashioned cell phone.
7. I have a pretty good A1C, and my doctor doesn't force me to get the pump, because I am taking pretty good care of myself.

8. With a pump, you have to carry even more Diabetic supplies.
    • Now my purse contains: An insulin pen, a few pen caps, my checker with strips, a few extra lancets, food, and other normal purse items.
    • W/pump: (Depending on type,) a transmitter, extra reservoir, extra site, insertion elements, possible numbing cream, syringes, backup insulin pen, a few pen caps, my check with strips, a few extra lancets, food, and other normal purse items.....
      • NO THANK YOU. I enjoy the fact I can take a small purse with me where ever I go.
9. I would have to relearn everything!
    • I love learning new things, but this is one thing that I would be relearning. 
    • I'd have to learn more diabetes related terms, such as bolus and basil rate, which I don't currently use in normal Diabetes conversation. 
    • I've known about diabetes my entire life, so when I was diagnosed, and in the hospital for one night, I was ready to go the next day, and started taking care of my own diabetes from then forth, with a pump, I'd have to actually have the learning education normally that occurs at diagnosis (which I kinda skipped)
    • The one time I mentioned getting a pump to my Endocrinologist, I received a pile of papers/booklets about each type, that I was supposed to read up on, and then once I chose a pump, I would then be required to come back to the office for learning workshops on how to use the pump. These workshops were to be 5 hours long, and occur for three days. When I had asked about this, this timing issue was not acceptable, I had a full-time summer job, that I couldn't take that much time away from for education workshops. I'd prefer to just be given the pump, and "have at it." Let me learn by doing!
10. Where to wear the pump?! (This isn't a big reason, just a small one)
    • A day doesn't go by when I don't hear the question or see something about where females wear their pumps. I like not having to worry about where to put my pump with every outfit. Gives me more freedom to wear what I want, when I wont. It's one area that my diabetes can't dictate my life.
11. I don't want to be a cyborg, a bionic person, a robot, a machine, for the rest of my life. I enjoy my individuality. I'm not ready to have a machine run my life.

12. Currently, on MDI, I can have the out of site, out of mindset. There wouldn't be something connected to me every moment of my life reminding me I have diabetes.
    • I can live my life how I want it, with no limitations from Diabetes.
13. I travel...a lot. 
    • I hear the question everyday about travelling with the pump. Not only would that mean taking even more supplies on my trips, but it also would mean having to determine how to go through airport security.
      • Do I wear it through the body scanner, 
      • Place it in the X-Ray machine?
      • Ask for a Pat Down?
    • At the present time, I have never been stopped, or questioned when going through secuirty at airports. 
14. I don't mind taking shots, actually I kinda enjoy it ;)
    • Ok, enjoy it is a stretch. I don't mind it, I can tolerate it. yes it hurts, but the pains done in .3 seconds. 
    • I see photos every day of people's giant bruises from the pump, and right now, I have small bruises yes, but nothing so terribly noticeable
    • With shots, I am able to have a broader range of my site locations. 
      • I don't have to worry about sitting on my pump site, if I place it on my butt. 
      • I can shoot myself almost anywhere, and I believe I've avoided major tissue damage/build up this way. 
15. I am healthier on MDI.
    • Being on MDI, when I see something that I want, and probably shouldn't have, I don't eat it, because I'd have to take an extra shot. Therefore less daily snacking. 
    • I currently eat at my major meal times, when I'm low, or if I'm extremely hungry. . 

I know that is 15..but I thought of one more.....

16. I know this one is going to sound Vain, but...
    • I love seeing the looks on people's faces when I'm "shootin up"
    • The pump doesn't require "shooting up", just "dialing in", which is not as much fun to yell in public.
Now these reasons are not to say that I will never get the Insulin Pump, or that no one should have the pump. I know plenty of people who LOVE their insulin pumps, and it has saved their lives countless number of times. Each person is different, I prefer MDI, while my friend DiabeticDanica is on the Pump.
Someday, I might look back at this post, and laugh at myself, for the reasons why I don't want or have an Insulin Pump, but for now, I'll stick to shootin up!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 46. July 21st: Calories galore!

Today, we slept in, and got ourselves out and about for lunch. In Brooklyn, there is the world famous pizza place Grimaldis. We had hoped that it being Sunday afternoon, there wouldn't be a line. We were wrong. Instead we went to the pizza place right next door, which was probably in the end, cheaper, and just as good, without waiting in line. We sat right on the "bar" and were able to watch them actually making the pizza. We heard from a passerby that this place was actually the original Grimaldi's. it was called Julianne's actually, and we noticed Julianne, the owner walking around and helping out, now here is the cool part...She has diabetes!!! I saw her, this little old lady, whip out her insulin, before grabbing a soda and a slice of pizza.  Diabetics Unite!!!!
Old Fashion Diet Root Beer Soda and a Mason Jar!

After pizza, and walking through a bit of Brooklyn, along the water, and some questionable areas, including a film set, we jumped a subway, and headed into Manhattan. Our goal? To get right below the Empire State Building. We got off the subway, and saw a sign for the New York Public library, and we started walking that way. Of course it was farther away than what it first appeared. But we made it! To bad it wasn't open!
New York Public Library!

We then took a roundabout way, and headed to the Empire State Building, where we got some Starbucks at the basement of the Empire State Building.
Up Close and Personal to the Empire State Building

We then just started walking, without a major plan of where we wanted to end up. In the end we ended up all the way on the west side, overlooking New Jersey! We had reservations for supper at 7, so we made our way back to the closest subway. Where was that? Times Square of course. 
Hey Look! It's New Jersey!

It's the Horse Patrol!

At the Pier

What was cool about this Times Square trip was that we saw them filming, in the middle of Times Square, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. That was cool!!!!
TMNT being filmed!

We had extra time before supper, so we made a transfer at grand central terminal!! 
Grand Central Terminal

Then headed to union square to eat guessed, Max Brenners chocolate factory.

I love chocolate. I knew the day was going to be an interesting one in terms of blood sugars because of the pizza for lunch Starbucks for afternoon snack, and high carb Mac n cheese, and strawberrys and chocolates fondue! But oh so good. 
Chocolate Strawberry Fondue!

We were so full after supper, just went home early, but we did a little extra walking in Brooklyn to walk off the calories of the day. When I thought I'd be having interesting blood sugars, I didn't know that they would be low! I hadn't even gotten home before they dropped. By the time I checked at one I was 44. 
Brooklyn Promenade 

After a movie, and relaxing bit later, right as I was ready to sleep I wasn't feeling right. So I trusted my instincts, took a check and was in the 50's. I ate some more food. Yay for a day of calories! 

Turns out though I ate too much, and had to correct a high blood sugar in the morning. It was almost 2pm by the time I was ready to fall asleep and then I just couldn't get my mind to stop. Not good when I had to be up to see Stephanie off to her plane early in the morning. 

Monday was a long , and tiresome day.

Day 45. July 20th: Hakunha Matata!!

After such an exhausting weekend, it's Monday and I'm finally able to write about all my weekend doings that occurred with my sister!

On Saturday, we both got up, prettied ourselves, and then went out to Times Square after eating our leftover sandwiches for lunch. 
Our mission? TIMES SQUARE to see LION KING on Broadway!!!!!
Times Square

We arrived in the area a little earlier than needed, so we continued walking around a bit, hitting some of the iconic stores. It was hot, so we were glad we had a nice show to chill at with air conditioning.
Lion King


Our amazing seats! So close to the front! 

After the show we mad our way around Times Square a bit more, then hit up the subway to get ourselves to Rockefeller center. We did a little shopping along the way. We made our way to fifth avenue, the H&M store, walked by the Nintendo store, and the Lego store. We did walk into the NBC experience store. We made our way to Central Park, and had to put our umbrellas up for a splotch of rain. 
The Red Chair from the voice!

Rockefeller Plaza!

The Lego Store, So busy we couldn't even get in.
Rockefeller plaza statue

We got ourselves some ice cream and enjoyed the beauty of the park. Then we hit Columbus circle, jumped on the subway, and ended up in little Italy for supper. 
$7 Ice cream in Central Park

We had supper at one of the restaurants on the street and then, just when it was threatening to rain again, we made it home.

Lasagna in Little Italy

Friday, July 19, 2013

Day 44. July 19th: Short Work Day

So today was Friday, and I had a visitor coming to the big city..that's right, my BIG sister!!!!!!

I asked if I would be able to get off work early, so as to meet my sister at my apartment when her plane landed. I was free to go early, after I finished today's tweets and some more stuff for social media of corporate.

I found my sister overlooking the water right outside my apartment at about 3.

We unloaded her bags, I gave her a little tour of my place, and then, once rejuvinated, we set off to find some grub for lunch! (not actual grub of course ;)

We ended up back in Manhattan and walked by where I work, just so I could show it off to my sister, and to see the Bronze Bull outside of the building. We then meandered around all my old lunch haunts, and I realized most places clean up their food after the lunch rush, and before dinner. So we ended up in Battery Park (To see the statue of liberty), and got ourselves a hot dog. IT WAS SPICY!!! (<--- just thought I should mention that it was spicy).
World Trade Tower Construction
A piece of one of the original towers.

We then made our way back to the World Trade Center, and the Century 21 store. Here is where we spent most of the days (think of it as an IKEA & clothing outlet store in one). I ended up with a dress, wallet, hat, mug, and shorts. The last two articles saying I <3 NYC. I had to get myself some souveniors! and I know these ones are a bit better quality than off the street. I had to get a hat, because I love hats, kinda addicted, and I couldn't leaven NYC without a discounted designer hat! :) :) :)
I also love my dress. I had a bunch I tried on, and it was hard deciding on which one, but I think I chose well.

We then walked (after a stop at Starbucks!) ummm...STARBUCKS! the Brooklyn Bridge Home. Oh, did I ever forget to mention it was about 97 degrees here at the time we were walking the bridge home.
View from the Bridge.

We made our way back to my apartment, dropped off our purchases, and then hit Montague street to find some more grub!

I had a delicious New York Wrap! yum.

Then we ended the night by sitting on the Promenade looking over the city, and just catching up. Alhtough, I did tucker out my sister, and she fell asleep first, on the floor, with all lights on. She's a trooper. Yet she has no clue how much more walking is in store...muahhahahahhaha (<---insert evil laugh.)

Day 42/43. July 17th/18: Two for One.

So looking at my blog, I'm very surprised that I've kept up with it for so long. I've actually enjoyed writing everything down. I've done other blogs before (such as for my Italy Study Abroad Trip), and I could barely write a post per day. I am very proud that for 42 days of my life, I have a written recording of what I've done, my thoughts, and feelings. But I also got to remember, that these are out on the internet, for all the world to see.

Now that I've had my moment of thought, now to get on with what has happened these last few days. I figured, to make it easier on myself, I would combine these two days.

I've officially sent in my own composed tweets for the JDRF twitter account. It's crazy seeing stuff that I wrote out there on the web for the world to see. It is also very nerve-racking, that I am the one who has the control to hit submit or not.

What if I make a mistake?
What if it ends up being too long, or too short?
What if I don't hashtag enough things (#), or have the right handle (@)?
 What if the link decides not to work?

Thankfully, so far, I have found the broken links before I've submitted them, kept everything coherent under the 140ish characters, and have only seen one for sure mis-hashtag. Although I did get a title quoted wrong, which then meant the article had to be tweeted again, with the correct title.

Besides these working projects, I have also continued working on projects for corporate and how they play into social media aims.

On thursday, I was asked if I could help out with some corporate sponsors, and a campaign currently going on. Did you know that there are over 100 JDRF chapters? Well, I had to go through at least 70 chapters websites, looking for their positing about the current campaign, to make sure it was correct. I only found one that needed fixing.
Peanut Butter Chocolate Flake Ice Cream!
I also got groceries, cleaned, and went for a walk by the soccer fields (which of course included ice cream!) these two days. I can't recall what I did exactly for each day...

Soccer, with NYC watching.
Barbecue or Picnic Anyone?

What's a night walk without a picture of the view?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day 41. July 16th: Lunch


After todays tweet creations, I feel fully capable of handling them for the next week. I've even been able to speak up to question an article that we were going to tweet. Also, I was invited (spur of the moment) to a meeting to learn more about how corporate organizations play a role in JDRF in terms of social media. It was really interesting, and I'm glad they invited me to attend. In fact, for the next week, I will be helping out within this area, just to offer an extra hand!

Also, I've officially gotten the okay to have a fellow Students With Diabetes Intern come visit the office on Thursday, and to sort of take a summer Friday this summer, so as to have more time with my sister who will be visiting me for the weekend (YAY!).

This week is going by so fast, and it is only Tuesday Afternoon. I am going to be busy these next few days!! ^_^        (I wish blogger had smileys..although it's probably a good thing it doesn't else they would be used way too much!)

Did I tell you I got flowers today? They are so beautiful, and I wish that they could last forever!

Although I brought my own lunch today, myself and the other intern in the office went outside to enjoy the nice weather and eat our sandwiches at Bowling Green Park!

I take pictures of my Snapchats!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 41. July 16th: Flowers


Gearing up for my gradual takeover of the twitter feeds. Such a scary thought, but a good scary. I can overcome this, just like with my Diabetes! booya! (it just felt like a boo-ya moment!)

I hear that the surprise I had worked on last week for the upcoming OneConference is coming along well. That makes me very happy!

Also, I GOT FLOWERS!!!!! (No not from a boy.)

From the lovely Karen and Anna for my help at Children's Congress. They are so beautiful, and brighten up my little cubicle nicely! I can't thank Karen and Anna enough for them, I was just doing my job to help out, and I enjoyed doing it too! I learned so much from the process.


July 15/16: BG Drop

Not in a long time has my "clicker" been at the 1 setting!
Now to get to what my title suggests, a BG Drop. Once we got back to the apartment from Monday nights Philharmonic events, I was outrageously thirsty and hot (symptoms of a high), yet my hands were shaking (symptoms of a low). I took a check and was a 65. I ate a delicious applesauce, and then as I got ready for bed, realized that I wasn't coming up as fast as I should. Upon taking another check (after having a handful of trail mix), my BG was 111.

Now here was the big question, was I going up, was I going down, would I stay that number all night? Did I walk enough that I should have more carbs/sugar, or was it at the point of anymore sugar would make me high in the morning. I laid down, and as I tried to fall asleep, I kept having misfeelings. Follow your gut I always say. I decided and then drank a juice box (because, of course, I had already brushed my teeth, and was not about to get up out of my comfy bed to re-brush had I had anything that wasn't with a straw).

So Tuesday morning, I wake up, and my BG was..wait for it...
Drum roll please.....
Which is a good enough morning number for me. Yes it is low, but when I'm getting up anyways, it works! But then it makes you stop and wonder, wow, what if I hadn't had that last 25 Carb juice box?
My blood sugar would have dropped,
I would have  woken up at 2 am with a low probably of 30. (THAT IS REALLY LOW)
I may not have woken up at all, and I would be in a coma right now.
I would have then had to reorientate myself after having my body rudely disrupt my REM sleep.
I would have had to stumble to find the juice box next to my bed, and put the straw in (It is really difficult when your low & when there is no light).
I would have had to wait to make sure I felt my Blood Sugar rising before going back to sleep
I would have lost at least a half hour of sleep.
I would be even more tired today than normal.

It's the little things in life that one remembers to be thankful for..
I am thankful every day for my body.
Thankfully, my body still is able to tell me when I am low.
Thankfully I still get a gut feeling about my blood sugars and how to treat them if they are doing unknown responses.
Thankfully it is only one part of my pancreas that doesn't work.
Thankfully I only have Type 1 Diabetes, and not any other autoimmune disorder.
Thankfully I am blessed to be able to financially cover my medical supplies.
Thankfully I have such supporting friends, families, co-workers, and support groups.

Oh, after I woke up, and had some quick apple juice, I jumped in the shower. I always eat after my shower. Before I ate though, I was getting dressed, and noticed the little top snap to my black skirt was coming off, and would no way last through the day. Have you ever tried to sew when your blood sugar wasn't normal? It is somewhat difficult. I didn't do a great job, but it's still holding, about 4 hours later. (I ate breakfast right after that sewing session)

Day 40. July 15th: Philharmonic Symphony!

Being that this is Day 40's post, I seem to be running out of clever titles for my blog posts.

So I am taking a big step at work. I have been slowly making my way through the process of reading, crafting, and now finally, inputting tweets for JDRF's twitter. I will be helping out with the final inputing of these tweets for the next week, although starting Wednesday, I won't have my "guardian reviewer" watching over me. I will be doing it myself, and having to make the final judgement call for crafting these tweets. OH BOY! Here's to hoping that I don't make any major mistakes!

After work, I had some plans to just work on some stuff in preparation for the school year online concerning my sorority, my students with diabetes group, and some classes for the fall. These plans changed though!!!!!
Sunset over the trees!

My roommate got home around 6pm, and said that the Philharmonic Symphony was playing in Central Park, and that we would be meeting a fellow intern and her friend there.

After a rushed supper, we headed out to make about 3 train transfers to get to Times Square. From there..we just followed the hoard of people into the park. (because we had to rush out of the house to catch the subway, I hadn't taken my supper insulin yet, so I just shot up on the subway!)
Just being silly!

We got to the Great Lawn, and were shocked at how many people were there. How on earth were we supposed to find our friends, especially since the phone service was super slow/down because so many people were in one spot trying to use it.
The Stage

We did find our group, and we put down our blanket and set about watching everyone else, and trying to cool off from the heat. We realized that people weren't exactly here to listen, but to just have something to do. Couples were on dates, and families were playing cards. Everyone had food, wine, and smiles on. Although it was very hot just sitting there. But felt amazing to feel grass beneath my feet, and as it got darker, we saw fireflies!
Look at all the people, the clouds, and the skyline. Just Beautiful

The orchestra started up, but we could barely hear them. They stopped playing but many people got up and left, while most stayed. There was a rumor there would be fireworks and maybe Mariah Carey singing. We waited as it got darker, and as couples finished up their bottles of win, and started to light candles. Yep, people were lighting candles in the middle of Central Park.
They had a cutting board, wine, candles, and a platter of meat!

At 9:30, the Philharmonic started up again, this time louder, and the people got quieter. We just laid on the blanket watching the 3 stars, fireflies, lstening to the music, and trying to avoid getting stepped on.
You can even see the Conductor..sorta!

The music finally ended, and the fireworks started. They were pretty good, although we had to move to be able to see them from behind the trees.

We followed the herded people out to find the subway. Would have thought it would have been packed, but it wasn't terribly horrible. Not saying it wasn't packed, just not as bad as I thought. We made a few extra transfers, and were therefore able to avoid the major crowds. Read the post titled BG Drop to see what happened this night!