Thursday, August 1, 2013

Update on..Everything!

Hello my avid blog followers!

So, I haven't written in a while, I feel like there hasn't been much to write about, but now thinking back, I believe I was seriously mistaken, I have lots to write about!

Sick Day necessities: Tissues, OJ, Hand Sanitizer
Since I've been sick, I've been trying to get my health back to 110%, while also exploring as much of NYC as I can before my adventures end. This results in me having to end up carrying a box of tissues with me where ever I go!

First off, I want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has written me letters, or sent me a package while at my stay in NYC. Although I don't check my mail everyday (due to my roommate having the only mail key), it means that I get to experience a more eventful "Christmas" of notes and letters! I love my package of office supplies that I received! The items have already found some nice places in my little cubicle! I also got some letters from my aunts, uncles, cousins, and a card with signatures from all my favorite cousin's children! I also got a letter from a family friend asking all sorts of questions, and don't worry, I will definitely catch up with you after church when I get back home! :)
Letters from home

I also found out, that I thought I was done watching all the episodes of Downton Abbey, but found out there is a whole other season not on Hulu! AHHH!, somehow I have to find a way to watch it!

After work Monday, I have no clue what I did. I cant recall...I do know that I saw this in the middle of NYC on Monday!!! Not often one sees a sandcastle built in the middle of the city, with no body of water around! I saw this during lunch on this fabulous Monday.
Sandcastle in the middle of NYC

I did call my Pediatric clinic to schedule an appointment with my "team" (Endocrinologist, Nurse Practitioner, Dietician, sometimes Social Worker). I haven't been to my Endo since last December, when I asked him to write me a letter of Recommendation for this internship program called Students with Diabetes. I have an appointment made for November, which was the soonest they could see me. I'm supposed to have appointments every 3-4 months..whoops! I also wonder when they might "kick me out." By the time of my appointment in November, I'll be 22, and past the Pediatric Diabetes Management Clinic maximum age. That saddenns me somewhat, thinking I will have to join the adult diabetic world, and that I wont have such good diabetes specific doctor care. Also, with having this appointment in November, I won't know what my A1C is until then, when I think that is is currently amazing with the such good control I've had here in NYC this summer! I am thinking, just to make myself feel better, that I will buy one of those one use at home A1C tests, just to give me an estimate of where I am at. I can't even recall what my A1C was last December. Although I do remember it was higher than normal, but I know why (I had one of the hardest semesters of my college career, which really took a toll on my diabetes). This is why I am so keen on maybe taking my own test, just to satisfy my own curiousty!
Perfect 100!

On Tuesday, after work, I went SHOPPING! At the really cool Century 21 store, and I was on a mission! I found myself a dress, two actually, but I only bought one. I also had to find short sleeve dress shirts to be worn with ties, for both my father and my brother. Apparently no stores in Michigan have them, and for $12, I was able to pick up 3 for each of them, and for the handling fee of finding them, and trying to decide what colors to get, father bought me my dress! ;) 
New Dress..which I wore to work!

Trader Joe's!

On Wednesday, after work, I went shopping again, this time I made my way to Trader Joes to get some "organic" food, got me some strawberries, apples, and kiwi's! After Trader Joes, and getting a workout carrying my groceries back to the subway then back to my house, we headed out again to MACY's! Where I ended up guessed it, two dresses! I keep buying dresses here in NYC, which I am constantly wearing, but I have a prediction that once I get home, that wont be the case!

New Dress!
New Dress!

At work, I am still composing, and sending out the tweets. I am also preparing for my little report on Monday about some upcoming ideas/thoughts for Marketing Strategy revamp. I have also been given another project concerning composing a very long list of information from twitter. That is keeping me very busy.
Red Box: Art

Now that I'm nearing the end of the summer, I have to start thinking about school. I bought my textbooks and paid for the upcoming semester. I also dropped a few of my credits/classes. I was taking 18, but decided that I didn't have to have such a full semester, and am now only taking 12! That is such a low number compared to the usual amount I've been taking, but since I only have 21 credits total that I need for graduation after these two semesters, I figured why bother taking so many when I didn't need too. That's not to say I wont be busy though, I still have my two positions in my sorority, (Treasurer, and Webmaster) along with also competing on the Forensics Public Speaking team, which is technically another 3 credits. Besides that, I might be also getting another internship for the fall, in Communications.

Wednesday's Lunch!
I've also been in contact with my roommates as we are making sure we have all the necessities covered for our apartment. I'm living with two of the same people as last year, and we have one more friend joining us! I'm super excited for this year, and living with these awesome people once again! I'm also excited to having my own room...although my roommate here in NYC is awesome, I do feel bad how messy I am, which she has to live in, and when I keep her  up all night with my coughing, so my own bedroom will be nice.

I only have 6 more days left here at JDRF. 6 more days to continue working hard, make some memories, and learn all that I can. After that, I move out on Saturday, my parents are coming to pick me up thankfully, so I won't have to worry about packing issues, and then we are taking a little "mini" vacation of the East Coast. Then it's back home by the 15th for my Sororities Summer retreat until saturday. Then it's to hit at least one day of my family annual vacation to Buckley's Old Engine Show until sunday, and then I have ONE week at home before I move in on the 24th!

I already have major plans for that week with my friends, whom most I haven't seen since May:

Slurpee run!
Bike ride
Paranoia movie
Coffee at harvest

Possibly Cedar Point

So I guess this is a long update, about everything! 

BOOM! another perfect 100 today!

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