Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I have so much to tell you!!! Thursday/Friday/Saturday

So much has happened since my last blog posting!

I am very sorry for not updating you all sooner!

Subway Artwork
Last week/weekend, I enjoyed my time by just going out and walking around, and seeing bits and pieces of New York. 

I enjoyed watching the view of the city, talking with my family on the phone, taking a walk along the highline, visiting Times Square, just getting off the subway and start walking before getting back on at another station. I even, apparently look like a New Yorker amongst all the tourists around 14/34/42 street subway stations, because I was asked for directions multiple times!! 
A group of the "freeze" men, you pay, and they move. they were ON a car!

You know my blog wouldn't be complete without a midnight Manhattan Picture!

I also ended up at the NBC experience store to pick up some merchandise, gifts, and souvenirs. 
Feeling Confident!

On Saturday night, myself, my roommate, her sister, and a few guys from our apartment building went out to socialize and have some New York City nightlife fun. In the end, most of the places were closed, so we came back to the apartment and played games and talked until 4:30am. It was a very good time, and such a leaning experience as we were all very different, with different backgrounds. 
This guy was kicking it old school, playing games on a Graphing Calculator

Old Tracks on the Highline

Statue on the Highline
View at one point on the Highline. 

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