Thursday, June 6, 2013

Travels begin!

So here we are, in the airport ready to board and start this amazing summer adventure.

It was hard choosing what I should choose to pack, what made the cut, and what I can do without. In the end, I got it all into 3 suitcases, and I am very proud of that! It seems like my diabetic supplies itself was one suitcase! But it's better to be too prepared than not!

I am not supposed to check into my housing until tomorrow morning, but we are hoping that I can check in today. I say we because my mother is coming to see me off and tour New York with me until Tuesday, then I am kicking her out so I can explore the city myself!

Monday starts my first day on the job, and I'm so excited!!! I am ready to bring my diabetes and other experiences to NEW YORK and do something amazing in the world of diabetes.

I will be updating this blog continuously with pictures of my experiences. Check back often!!!

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