Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day 7. June 12th: Starting to feel like normal

So what is today? Oh yeah, WEDNESDAY, aka my third day at work!

Did I mention I love my job yet? Because I do. I feel like I'm making a difference, my ideas are being heard, listened too, written down, and I am encouraged to keep them coming! I have done a lot of learning these last few days, about JDRF, about working in a professional office environment, and a bit more about New York too.

I can handle the subway like a pro (Knock on wood)! I say that now, but something will probably happen one morning, and mess me up. Until then, I feel confident riding the subway, and trusting it to get me to the right place. I've learned what time I need to leave my apartment in the morning, and also learned that the Number 3 Train can get pretty packed. I have plenty of time to wait for the Number 2 Train, but I don't. I enjoy getting to work early, and since I'm up, I'm ready to start my day!

The morning went by pretty fast. I did want to mention that I woke up low this morning, so then I ended up not taking any insulin for breakfast, which I took a few units later in the morning to help me out, and then I had a mid morning snack. I enjoy working with other Type 1's, they make me a better diabetic by asking what my sugar is, and willing to share their stock of Low Snacks.

For lunch, I decided I wanted to walk around and see what all the "business people" ate. I made a block around my building, and ended up at a pizza restaurant across the street. It reminded me a lot of one of the favorite pizza places of mine in Italy. You order a giant piece of pizza and they put it in the oven for you! It was a busy little place, and pretty cheap too! I will have to continue walking around and finding other places to eat. Many business people actually ordered meals from the street venders, more so than I thought would!

I came home from work, after ending my day with a low blood sugar and also a very successful meeting! I have another big meeting tomorrow that I am also looking forward to. I was exhausted after work, so I ended up taking a nap, although I had wanted to go for a run, for it was the first day it wasn't raining this week. After my nap, I ate some of my leftovers I still had in the fridge, and decided that Yes, I needed to get outside! I walked to the Promenade, and continued on the very long path all the way down to the bottom. I followed the steady line of runners, walkers, dogs, and bikers and ended up on the Pier, and at the Park. I found a major spot for locals, who were having Barbecues and picnics. Then I made my way around the floating, yes floating Soccer fields. So many people in New York and Brooklyn play soccer! It surprised me immensly. They all were there just playing! I ended up finding the spot that sold ice cream, and ordered a cone of Strawberry and Cream. Then I just sat watching the view, the people, and the soccer players while on the pier. There were also many people fishing off the pier as well.

I decided that my walk down was a very long one, and there had to be a shorter way. To head home, I started walking the opposite direction. I was not going to pull up the map on my phone unless I desperately needed to, and in the end, I made it back home without needing to! I felt very proud of myself. I just made sure I was going up, and to the left. I passed a few areas I had walked by before, so it wasn't too difficult. I enjoyed just walking about by myself, and plenty of people do walk by themselves you might be surprised to hear.

Beautiful New York City.
Walking in Brooklyn.
Walking in Brooklyn
Now it is time to think about going to bed, and also chatting with the roommate about bathroom time tomorrow, for it is the first time we both have to be work at the same time! I should also check my blood sugar, to make sure I don't wake up too low again, but also to see how high the ice cream made me. The mix of exercise and different food than "normal" is throwing my sugars all over the place. Eventually I will find the correct combination for amount of Lantus (long-lasting) Insulin and short acting (Humolog).

Until tomorrow then!

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