Monday, July 29, 2013



So, it has been a few days since my last posting, and you might have been wondering why.
Maybe it was because I was out enjoying the city as much as possible?
Maybe it was because I was busy at work, and doing lots of things?


I have, pretty much, been immobile these last few days. 

Thursday I stayed home from work. I woke up, and was taking a shower, and realized that I could barely do that. How was I going to handle working 9-5 if I couldn't even take a shower? After debating with myself about going to work or not, I called my supervisor, left a message, and went back to bed. I didn't sleep though, because I was so worried that I would forget to call my supervisor back to make sure she got the message. It was a little bit after 9, when I got a call from her! She wanted me to get better, and told me to call her if I needed anything. After that I was able to fall back asleep. Although it was far from restfull, as I would wake up in coughing fits. My entire day was spent in bed, although I did move past soup for lunch, and instead had Spaghetti O's! I would have rather not eaten anything, but the lovely diabetes prevented that, with low blood sugars that kept poking their noses in. Thankfully I had plenty of Yogurts, Puddings, and Applesauces around which were easy on the throat. 
Rufus, the Bear with Diabetes, has kept me company while I've been feeling Icky.
Thursday was also a online conference with fellow members of Students With Diabetes. Many SWD interns were "virtually" present, along with a few people who were starting chapters at their local college. I felt empowered even more so, to start and continue the Students with Diabetes program at my University!

On Friday, I woke up, and went through the go to work debate again. This time though, I did end up going to work. I'm not sure how productive I was at work, but at least I was there, and I was able to compose and send out the tweets for the day!

When I got home from work though, I was ready for a nap. After my nap, I continued watching a T.V. series I had started the night before: Downton Abbey. It was sooo good, and by Saturday, I had watched all the episodes. Now I have to find a new series to get addicted to!

My roommate was visiting a cousin for the weekend, so I was left home alone, which is probably a good thing. I was not good company, with the hacking and nose blowing. I spent Saturday sleeping and watching T.V. I kept fighting with myself, saying I should get up, go out, see the world, but I couldn't even make myself get of my PJ's. 

Saturday Night, I did hear a knock on my door, and after making myself presentable, I answered, and there were some guys, whom I've never met, asking if I wanted to hang out. They were knocking on all the doors of the apartment building. Of course, the weekend when I don't feel good, and my roommate is out of town, people want to hang out!

Sunday was a bit better, for I did take a shower, and changed outta PJ's. I even ventured out into the real world to restock my groceries, but that was almost to much energy exerted. I was back in my bed for a nap after I got back and washed the dishes. 

I also made a phone call home to chat up with my lovely Father. That was enjoyable, although he kept trying to make me jealous of all the country things I was missing. Sweat Corn, Peas, Apples, Baby Bunnies, Kittys, blueberries, etc! He was trying to make it so that I never want to leave home again!!! 

My blood sugar numbers were very forgiving during this spout of illness. Nothing to outrageous! A little lower actually then normal. 

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