Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 32. July 8th: Shopping anyone!?

Today, Monday, I got a little bit of a work break.

Since those I had been working with are in D.C. for Children's Congress, my job was just to manage my phone at "home base." I was instructed to not go anywhere without my phone, including the bathroom. I haven't gotten a call yet, but my phone is ready just in case. I also worked on putting information together to send off to those higher up concerning JDRF's OneConference that's at the end of July.

I also felt like I was a part of Children's Congress by watching the livestream song performance. That was cool to actual be able to see the event that I was putting into the various schedules.

I got lunch at a local cafe/deli/shop kind of place. I end up normally eating there about once a week, and normally get the same thing (A Chicken Parmesan Sandwich). Even the guy behind the counter is recognizing me, and smiles and asks how my day is. I ate with the other intern in the office. It is always nice getting outside to enjoy the weather for a little bit during the day.

 After my easier day at work, that still ended up going by super fast, after stopping at home first, my roommate and I headed out to go SHOPPING! A girls favorite thing to do, just not the wallets.

We ended up at Macy's, and it is the worlds largest, and oldest Macy's Store in 34th Street. It has 9 floors, and was like a maze.
Wooden Escalators!
Wooden Escalators!

The first floor of women's clothing was separated by designers, and cost..ouch. An entire floor was devoted to designer shoes..and I say ouch again. I picked up a not particularity comfortable, or good looking pair, which was priced at a couple hundred dollars.

Finally we found the "cheap" floor. I say cheap loosely, but we were on the look out for dresses, and there were a lot here, and not separated by designers, just by style.
Fitting Room!
We both had fun trying on clothing, and I did end up walking away with a dress, that I probably would never normally buy.
This is the one I bough!
Then we headed out to find a Forever 21 store, and ended up..guess where...TIMES SQUARE. I never try to find times square, we just always seems to end up there. The Forever 21 store was also huge (about 5 floors), and there were a lot of people there. In the end, it was just too frantic, and we didn't walk away with any clothing.

I was exhausted after this long-seeming day. Might have been the inability to fall asleep on Sunday Night, or exhaustion associated with working, or all the walking.

All in all, a good Monday to start the week!

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