Friday, July 5, 2013

Day 27. July 3rd: Half Day!!!

So today, I had a half day at work! Which is both a good and bad thing! Good because...well..half day, bad because I had too much to do!
I got these as a gift at work today!

The day went by so fast! Finalizing everything for children's congress and doing miscellaneous errands. It was 2pm before I even knew it! I didn't even have time to go get lunch!!! Don't worry though, I took great care of my blood sugars making sure they were stable. I "turned in" everything I had completed so far, and headed out the door. Of course it was raining..but I had my broken pink umbrella with me! 
My desk drawer is always full of goodies!
My roommate and I had plans to go to Staten Island, but because of the rain, we both met at home (where I had lunch), and then headed to a theater to meet another intern to go see "the Internship!" We thought the movie was fitting. It was good, but man I won't complain about movie prices ever again! $14 for a matinee performance that want even 3D!! I didn't even pay that much to see a movie in IMAX & 3D the Thursday night it premiered back at home!


After the movie we ended up at Max Brenner's chocolate factory. We put our name down, and during the 40minute wait we went to union square park. We walked around that until the rain started again. 

Modern between the Old.

Max Brenner


We waited the rest of the time in the restaurant. And then we ate, of course dessert included chocolate, Chocolate Fondue!!!!

After supper, we went our separate ways until we reconvened around midnight to go have a real New Yorker experience. After getting ready, and getting off at the wrong subway station, where we then had to walk 25 blocks, we met up with our friend, and made it to the hotel!! ! We were hot and sweaty before the party began though, because we were trying to get in before midnight when a cover charge would be enacted...Technically we didn't make it before midnight, but there was no cover charge!

We ended up at a rooftop party in a hotel   That was very packed! We had to wait in line to be let in and had to mention what party we were going to (which we didn't really know). We then danced the night away, sorta. It was very packed so not much dancing could be done. It was a totally new experience, & enjoyable. We didn't get home until about 3am. I never knew of so many people to ride the subway at 2am. I felt safe the entire time, so no worries there!!

It was also cool, when we got back, for on the subway we met 2 other interns who are staying in the same apartment complex. We decided to make plans to hang out with them on Thursday.

The best part of not going to bed until 4am, was that I got to say good morning to my friend who is currently studying abroad in Austria. She was of course surprised that I was up, but I wanted to say hello.

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