Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 40. July 15th: Philharmonic Symphony!

Being that this is Day 40's post, I seem to be running out of clever titles for my blog posts.

So I am taking a big step at work. I have been slowly making my way through the process of reading, crafting, and now finally, inputting tweets for JDRF's twitter. I will be helping out with the final inputing of these tweets for the next week, although starting Wednesday, I won't have my "guardian reviewer" watching over me. I will be doing it myself, and having to make the final judgement call for crafting these tweets. OH BOY! Here's to hoping that I don't make any major mistakes!

After work, I had some plans to just work on some stuff in preparation for the school year online concerning my sorority, my students with diabetes group, and some classes for the fall. These plans changed though!!!!!
Sunset over the trees!

My roommate got home around 6pm, and said that the Philharmonic Symphony was playing in Central Park, and that we would be meeting a fellow intern and her friend there.

After a rushed supper, we headed out to make about 3 train transfers to get to Times Square. From there..we just followed the hoard of people into the park. (because we had to rush out of the house to catch the subway, I hadn't taken my supper insulin yet, so I just shot up on the subway!)
Just being silly!

We got to the Great Lawn, and were shocked at how many people were there. How on earth were we supposed to find our friends, especially since the phone service was super slow/down because so many people were in one spot trying to use it.
The Stage

We did find our group, and we put down our blanket and set about watching everyone else, and trying to cool off from the heat. We realized that people weren't exactly here to listen, but to just have something to do. Couples were on dates, and families were playing cards. Everyone had food, wine, and smiles on. Although it was very hot just sitting there. But felt amazing to feel grass beneath my feet, and as it got darker, we saw fireflies!
Look at all the people, the clouds, and the skyline. Just Beautiful

The orchestra started up, but we could barely hear them. They stopped playing but many people got up and left, while most stayed. There was a rumor there would be fireworks and maybe Mariah Carey singing. We waited as it got darker, and as couples finished up their bottles of win, and started to light candles. Yep, people were lighting candles in the middle of Central Park.
They had a cutting board, wine, candles, and a platter of meat!

At 9:30, the Philharmonic started up again, this time louder, and the people got quieter. We just laid on the blanket watching the 3 stars, fireflies, lstening to the music, and trying to avoid getting stepped on.
You can even see the Conductor..sorta!

The music finally ended, and the fireworks started. They were pretty good, although we had to move to be able to see them from behind the trees.

We followed the herded people out to find the subway. Would have thought it would have been packed, but it wasn't terribly horrible. Not saying it wasn't packed, just not as bad as I thought. We made a few extra transfers, and were therefore able to avoid the major crowds. Read the post titled BG Drop to see what happened this night!

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