Friday, July 19, 2013

Day 42/43. July 17th/18: Two for One.

So looking at my blog, I'm very surprised that I've kept up with it for so long. I've actually enjoyed writing everything down. I've done other blogs before (such as for my Italy Study Abroad Trip), and I could barely write a post per day. I am very proud that for 42 days of my life, I have a written recording of what I've done, my thoughts, and feelings. But I also got to remember, that these are out on the internet, for all the world to see.

Now that I've had my moment of thought, now to get on with what has happened these last few days. I figured, to make it easier on myself, I would combine these two days.

I've officially sent in my own composed tweets for the JDRF twitter account. It's crazy seeing stuff that I wrote out there on the web for the world to see. It is also very nerve-racking, that I am the one who has the control to hit submit or not.

What if I make a mistake?
What if it ends up being too long, or too short?
What if I don't hashtag enough things (#), or have the right handle (@)?
 What if the link decides not to work?

Thankfully, so far, I have found the broken links before I've submitted them, kept everything coherent under the 140ish characters, and have only seen one for sure mis-hashtag. Although I did get a title quoted wrong, which then meant the article had to be tweeted again, with the correct title.

Besides these working projects, I have also continued working on projects for corporate and how they play into social media aims.

On thursday, I was asked if I could help out with some corporate sponsors, and a campaign currently going on. Did you know that there are over 100 JDRF chapters? Well, I had to go through at least 70 chapters websites, looking for their positing about the current campaign, to make sure it was correct. I only found one that needed fixing.
Peanut Butter Chocolate Flake Ice Cream!
I also got groceries, cleaned, and went for a walk by the soccer fields (which of course included ice cream!) these two days. I can't recall what I did exactly for each day...

Soccer, with NYC watching.
Barbecue or Picnic Anyone?

What's a night walk without a picture of the view?

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