Friday, July 19, 2013

Day 44. July 19th: Short Work Day

So today was Friday, and I had a visitor coming to the big city..that's right, my BIG sister!!!!!!

I asked if I would be able to get off work early, so as to meet my sister at my apartment when her plane landed. I was free to go early, after I finished today's tweets and some more stuff for social media of corporate.

I found my sister overlooking the water right outside my apartment at about 3.

We unloaded her bags, I gave her a little tour of my place, and then, once rejuvinated, we set off to find some grub for lunch! (not actual grub of course ;)

We ended up back in Manhattan and walked by where I work, just so I could show it off to my sister, and to see the Bronze Bull outside of the building. We then meandered around all my old lunch haunts, and I realized most places clean up their food after the lunch rush, and before dinner. So we ended up in Battery Park (To see the statue of liberty), and got ourselves a hot dog. IT WAS SPICY!!! (<--- just thought I should mention that it was spicy).
World Trade Tower Construction
A piece of one of the original towers.

We then made our way back to the World Trade Center, and the Century 21 store. Here is where we spent most of the days (think of it as an IKEA & clothing outlet store in one). I ended up with a dress, wallet, hat, mug, and shorts. The last two articles saying I <3 NYC. I had to get myself some souveniors! and I know these ones are a bit better quality than off the street. I had to get a hat, because I love hats, kinda addicted, and I couldn't leaven NYC without a discounted designer hat! :) :) :)
I also love my dress. I had a bunch I tried on, and it was hard deciding on which one, but I think I chose well.

We then walked (after a stop at Starbucks!) ummm...STARBUCKS! the Brooklyn Bridge Home. Oh, did I ever forget to mention it was about 97 degrees here at the time we were walking the bridge home.
View from the Bridge.

We made our way back to my apartment, dropped off our purchases, and then hit Montague street to find some more grub!

I had a delicious New York Wrap! yum.

Then we ended the night by sitting on the Promenade looking over the city, and just catching up. Alhtough, I did tucker out my sister, and she fell asleep first, on the floor, with all lights on. She's a trooper. Yet she has no clue how much more walking is in store...muahhahahahhaha (<---insert evil laugh.)

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