Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 45. July 20th: Hakunha Matata!!

After such an exhausting weekend, it's Monday and I'm finally able to write about all my weekend doings that occurred with my sister!

On Saturday, we both got up, prettied ourselves, and then went out to Times Square after eating our leftover sandwiches for lunch. 
Our mission? TIMES SQUARE to see LION KING on Broadway!!!!!
Times Square

We arrived in the area a little earlier than needed, so we continued walking around a bit, hitting some of the iconic stores. It was hot, so we were glad we had a nice show to chill at with air conditioning.
Lion King


Our amazing seats! So close to the front! 

After the show we mad our way around Times Square a bit more, then hit up the subway to get ourselves to Rockefeller center. We did a little shopping along the way. We made our way to fifth avenue, the H&M store, walked by the Nintendo store, and the Lego store. We did walk into the NBC experience store. We made our way to Central Park, and had to put our umbrellas up for a splotch of rain. 
The Red Chair from the voice!

Rockefeller Plaza!

The Lego Store, So busy we couldn't even get in.
Rockefeller plaza statue

We got ourselves some ice cream and enjoyed the beauty of the park. Then we hit Columbus circle, jumped on the subway, and ended up in little Italy for supper. 
$7 Ice cream in Central Park

We had supper at one of the restaurants on the street and then, just when it was threatening to rain again, we made it home.

Lasagna in Little Italy

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