Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 46. July 21st: Calories galore!

Today, we slept in, and got ourselves out and about for lunch. In Brooklyn, there is the world famous pizza place Grimaldis. We had hoped that it being Sunday afternoon, there wouldn't be a line. We were wrong. Instead we went to the pizza place right next door, which was probably in the end, cheaper, and just as good, without waiting in line. We sat right on the "bar" and were able to watch them actually making the pizza. We heard from a passerby that this place was actually the original Grimaldi's. it was called Julianne's actually, and we noticed Julianne, the owner walking around and helping out, now here is the cool part...She has diabetes!!! I saw her, this little old lady, whip out her insulin, before grabbing a soda and a slice of pizza.  Diabetics Unite!!!!
Old Fashion Diet Root Beer Soda and a Mason Jar!

After pizza, and walking through a bit of Brooklyn, along the water, and some questionable areas, including a film set, we jumped a subway, and headed into Manhattan. Our goal? To get right below the Empire State Building. We got off the subway, and saw a sign for the New York Public library, and we started walking that way. Of course it was farther away than what it first appeared. But we made it! To bad it wasn't open!
New York Public Library!

We then took a roundabout way, and headed to the Empire State Building, where we got some Starbucks at the basement of the Empire State Building.
Up Close and Personal to the Empire State Building

We then just started walking, without a major plan of where we wanted to end up. In the end we ended up all the way on the west side, overlooking New Jersey! We had reservations for supper at 7, so we made our way back to the closest subway. Where was that? Times Square of course. 
Hey Look! It's New Jersey!

It's the Horse Patrol!

At the Pier

What was cool about this Times Square trip was that we saw them filming, in the middle of Times Square, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. That was cool!!!!
TMNT being filmed!

We had extra time before supper, so we made a transfer at grand central terminal!! 
Grand Central Terminal

Then headed to union square to eat guessed, Max Brenners chocolate factory.

I love chocolate. I knew the day was going to be an interesting one in terms of blood sugars because of the pizza for lunch Starbucks for afternoon snack, and high carb Mac n cheese, and strawberrys and chocolates fondue! But oh so good. 
Chocolate Strawberry Fondue!

We were so full after supper, just went home early, but we did a little extra walking in Brooklyn to walk off the calories of the day. When I thought I'd be having interesting blood sugars, I didn't know that they would be low! I hadn't even gotten home before they dropped. By the time I checked at one I was 44. 
Brooklyn Promenade 

After a movie, and relaxing bit later, right as I was ready to sleep I wasn't feeling right. So I trusted my instincts, took a check and was in the 50's. I ate some more food. Yay for a day of calories! 

Turns out though I ate too much, and had to correct a high blood sugar in the morning. It was almost 2pm by the time I was ready to fall asleep and then I just couldn't get my mind to stop. Not good when I had to be up to see Stephanie off to her plane early in the morning. 

Monday was a long , and tiresome day.

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