Monday, July 15, 2013

Day 39. July 14th: Crossing off the List!

On Sunday, July 14th, I crossed a lot of things off my to do list!

My roommate and I left pretty early (by normal weekend standards..aka 12pm) to hit Times Square and see if there were any Broadway shows we could catch at 2 w/discount prices. Upon looking at the available shows, we decided that we should instead go to a museum because they would be open, and then maybe a show later that night.

We hit up the subway again, and made our way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (aka..the Met!).
On our way, we had to make a subway transfer and ended up at Grand Central Station!! Of course we had to get some pictures there!!
Nothing like checking your Blood Sugar in the middle of the Subway Station!
Ceiling of Grand Central Station
Proof I was here!
Look at those Chandeliers!

Time for the MET!
We got in for free at the Met because my roommate showed her work badge, and that got us free tickets. Upon looking at the map, we realized we had no specific place we wished to see, so we just started walking. Taking the stairs, in and out of the exhibits. All I can say is..WOW. Museum was HUGE! There was so much artwork, paintings, and sculptures. We also realized that we actually entered in a side entrance, and thankfully missed the major front entrance area (we hit it on the way out though).

Here are some pictures that I took of various things at the Museum.
A museum house..inside!
Yep, that's Art!
A painting of a cow..looking at a painting of a cow..
At least it isn't just one color!
4 Mona Lisa's'!
Armor worn by King Henry II
Harpsichord made out of gold?!

By George we did it!

George Washington!
A very tall wall!

Sorry for the long post, at least it is mostly pictures!!!

After one fruit snack, fruit roll up, and granola bar later my blood sugar was finally stabilizing. I had to sneak the food, because we were in the middle of the museum, and probably not supposed to have food in there. Just one of the joys of being a diabetic. We did reach a common area that had a restuarant attached, so I felt less conspicous chowing down on my granola bar. I knew though that we had to find food soon. We decided that we had seen enough of the museum, and that there was a cute cafe on the way to the museum we would stop at for an afternoon lunch/early supper...(LUPPER!)

 I had a good chicken caesar wrap with french fries. At the little cafe, we checked up on shows for that evening, and realized the only one we would consider attending had a show in a half hour..well we weren't going to make that!

We jumped on a subway instead, and headed to Little Italy to maybe get some Gelato! (I LOVE GELATO)
Being in Little Italy felt almost like being in Italy. All the cafe's with waiters trying to entice guests to eat at their restaurant, hearing the Italian language, and of course, eating Gelato!

Sometimes ya wonder..

Fragola Gelato (Strawberry!)

After little Italy we made out way to Chinatown, and from there..did some major searching to find the closest working subway home! That in itself was crazy. The 4/5/6 weren't running past the one station and the J wasn't going to the right spot either. The subway on the weekend is not fun. At this point in time I was also dehydrated from being in the hot sun, my Dr. Scholes shoes were giving me blisters, it was hot, by bg was skyrocketing from the gelato and those darn french fries, and I was miserable. I felt bad for my roommate because I was a little short tempered due to all these things, and I just wanted to get home, and get home fast.

Getting back to the apartment finally was a relief, putting my feet up, with the a/c going, and an early night it was!

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