Monday, July 1, 2013

Day 25. June 30th: Opposite kinda day

ISo this post is regarding Sunday, June 30th!

Today, my roommate wanted to see the Pride Parade that was being held in Manhattan as part of the Pride Festival. It was say the least. We left our apartment, made a subway transfer, and ended up a lot closer to the route than we expected. It was hot standing there on the pavement waiting for the parade to arrive, not to say we were bored, for there was plenty of things to see and people to watch. The parade started at 12, and we were waiting around for it since 11. We ended up staying until 2, and then literally...FIGHTING the mob of people who had camped out behind us. We got their early so we were in the front. It was a battle to get out of there an onto the subway. The parade hadn't even technically ended, but we were ready to go.
Motorcycle Brigade started the Parade
Lots of various groups walking the route
I got a free can of Diet Coke!
The concept of Personal Bubble is nonexistent here in NYC...from the morning subways, to the streets.

After we made our way home, thankfully on a practically empty subway, we ate some food, dried off from all the icky hotness, and then headed back out again. This time, our final goal was the local church that I have been attending.

A group of choir boys from Essen Germany, who are world famous, were making a stop at the church on their Washington D.C. to sing in a little concert. I had actually heard these boys while I was in Germany 5ish years ago. Even though, I didn't understand any of the songs, they were really good singers. It was quite relaxing to sit in the church and listen to them sing.

After that, we went home, and just relaxed. Being out in the hot heat earlier that day really can take a lot of of you. I finished my book thought, bought a new one, and watched some Netflix. I also got a lovely call from my sister. All in all, a great finish to a good weekend.

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