Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 15/16: BG Drop

Not in a long time has my "clicker" been at the 1 setting!
Now to get to what my title suggests, a BG Drop. Once we got back to the apartment from Monday nights Philharmonic events, I was outrageously thirsty and hot (symptoms of a high), yet my hands were shaking (symptoms of a low). I took a check and was a 65. I ate a delicious applesauce, and then as I got ready for bed, realized that I wasn't coming up as fast as I should. Upon taking another check (after having a handful of trail mix), my BG was 111.

Now here was the big question, was I going up, was I going down, would I stay that number all night? Did I walk enough that I should have more carbs/sugar, or was it at the point of anymore sugar would make me high in the morning. I laid down, and as I tried to fall asleep, I kept having misfeelings. Follow your gut I always say. I decided and then drank a juice box (because, of course, I had already brushed my teeth, and was not about to get up out of my comfy bed to re-brush had I had anything that wasn't with a straw).

So Tuesday morning, I wake up, and my BG was..wait for it...
Drum roll please.....
Which is a good enough morning number for me. Yes it is low, but when I'm getting up anyways, it works! But then it makes you stop and wonder, wow, what if I hadn't had that last 25 Carb juice box?
My blood sugar would have dropped,
I would have  woken up at 2 am with a low probably of 30. (THAT IS REALLY LOW)
I may not have woken up at all, and I would be in a coma right now.
I would have then had to reorientate myself after having my body rudely disrupt my REM sleep.
I would have had to stumble to find the juice box next to my bed, and put the straw in (It is really difficult when your low & when there is no light).
I would have had to wait to make sure I felt my Blood Sugar rising before going back to sleep
I would have lost at least a half hour of sleep.
I would be even more tired today than normal.

It's the little things in life that one remembers to be thankful for..
I am thankful every day for my body.
Thankfully, my body still is able to tell me when I am low.
Thankfully I still get a gut feeling about my blood sugars and how to treat them if they are doing unknown responses.
Thankfully it is only one part of my pancreas that doesn't work.
Thankfully I only have Type 1 Diabetes, and not any other autoimmune disorder.
Thankfully I am blessed to be able to financially cover my medical supplies.
Thankfully I have such supporting friends, families, co-workers, and support groups.

Oh, after I woke up, and had some quick apple juice, I jumped in the shower. I always eat after my shower. Before I ate though, I was getting dressed, and noticed the little top snap to my black skirt was coming off, and would no way last through the day. Have you ever tried to sew when your blood sugar wasn't normal? It is somewhat difficult. I didn't do a great job, but it's still holding, about 4 hours later. (I ate breakfast right after that sewing session)

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