Monday, July 15, 2013

Day 38. July 13th: Phi Sig 100 years!

Many of you may not know, but I am in a sorority (Phi Sigma Sigma) on my campus. I joined Phi Sig in the fall of my freshmen year of college (2010) with my roommate, and didn't exactly know what I was getting myself into.

Philanthropy Event Fall 2012
I didn't know that I was going to meet some amazing people.
I didn't know that I would gain leadership skills.
I didn't know that I would become more involved on campus.
I didn't know that I would be more involved in service activites.
I didn't know that I would have 50 new "sisters" to call on whenever I would need.
I didn't know that my life would forever be changed for the better.
I didn't know that I would be living in NYC for an internship with JDRF for the summer.

You might be asking how that last one comes into play. Well, here's the story of how I got to where I am today...
My Phi Sig "Sign"
It was the start of winter semester my sophomore year. All of the RSO (registered student organization) on campus had tables set out, and where handing out fliers to everyone who passed by. I had just taken over the communicating aspect at my Phi Sig table, when a new employee in Student Life stopped by and asked us what we were all about. He was making his way to every table. I went through the spiel about our goals/aims, who we were, and then mentioned our National Philanthropy of the National Kidney Foundation.
He then was like, oh I know about that, I have two sons that are Type 1 Diabetic (Diabetes as a whole is one of the leading causes of Kidney Disease (Maybe you can see where this is going..))

Now, it is a really big thing when you can meet someone else who is a diabetic. We have our own community, our own language, and it is easy to get excited to see someone else who has that in common with you. At the mention of his two T1D sons, I sorta jumped up, and said me too!

He was surprised, and then asked me if he had heard of something called students with diabetes, started by Nicole Johnson, and he was wondering if I would be interested in  helping him start one on our campus. I said yes, and he gave me his email information.

Fast Forward until Fall 2012. After a few hiccups, we were an RSO. Myself with a few other T1D's that I've met on campus. I heard about the internship program for Students with Diabetes, and knew when that came out. I was going to apply.

Phi Sig Leadership Conference 2013
Fast Forward to July 13th 2013. Here I am, in NYC, working as an Intern w/JDRF. It is Saturday, and the amazing organization whom I am very much in gratitude towards is celebrating their 100 years anniversary in NYC. I met with my Chapter President who was attending Convention, and our Chapter Key Adviser and I was able to hang out with them in the morning at the celebration events.
(I even brought them some real NYC bagels for breakfast!)

Phi Sig Founded at Hunter College NYC 1913
It is thanks to Phi Sigma Sigma that I am where I am today.
Once a Phi Sigma Sigma, Always a Phi Sigma Sigma.

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