Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day 35. July 10th: BOOM!

Have you ever noticed I like to put my titles in all caps? BOOM!

Why Boom you might ask? No reason, just felt like it!!!!

My Ipad Case chilling in NYC.. PHI SIG represent!
So after work on today (Wednesday the 10th), I ended up back home, where I quickly changed, and then headed back outside with my Ipad in hand. I went down to the Promenade and read my book on a bench, until I got uncomfortable.

Then I walked to the local park, and found a bench there, where I tried to find inspiration in the world around me to write. Growing up, I used to write a lot, poetry, stories, ideas, concepts, thoughts, etc. As I was sitting in the park watching guys and a few girls play soccer, I found no inspiration. I had a blank sheet of paper in front of me, and a pen that was ready to go..yet nothing came. I gave up on writing, and read another chapter in my book.

I packed up my stuff, and then headed back to the apartment, where I made myself a lovely "college student" fake supper.Mhmmmmm delicious. After eating, and watching a bit of a movie, I changed my clothes, and headed back outside to go for a run (it was about 8:50pm).

I ran/walked/mostly walked on the Promenade, and down in the Brooklyn Bridge Park area. Then I came back to my apartment by a different route through Brooklyn Heights. It was good to have been outside for a so long, getting so much fresh air!
Seriously could never get tired of this.

Now my blood sugar around this bit of exercise is interesting. I ate supper, and it was a good hour after that I went running. My BS was a 274. I came back from running, & took a check at 10:24pm I was 94. So then I ate an entire bag of popcorn, roughly 45 carbs, and then took another check at 11:34pm. I was 84. Since I was getting ready for bed, didn't want the number to drop even lower, and didn't want to test again, I at a little Granola Bar (17carbs), and hit the hay. This morning, I awoke with a BS of 142!!!! Good enough for me!

Take that Diabetes!!! BOOM! (<---hey look!)

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