Friday, July 5, 2013

Day 29. July 5th: Work hard, Play hard

Today is (technically was) Friday!

It actually felt like a Monday today, because of the break in the middle of the week.

I was ready for the intense work day that was set before me. The final weekday before Children's Congress!!!!!!!  The day FLEW by! I was printing papers, creating folders, doing some other miscellaneous work as well. I ate a quick lunch at my desk, but also had a mid morning breakfast provided by the lovely Karen. She also got me a mid afternoon lunch with some delicious Burger King. I really needed all that food to keep my energy going for the day!

5o'clock hit, and after saying my last goodbyes and good lucks, I headed out the door.

It was nice to have a little breather when I got home. At around 7, my roommate and I headed out to jump on the Staten Island Ferry to hit Staten Island.

Once getting to the ferry, and waiting around for it's arrival, we made a mad dash to get a seat on the right side so we could view the statue of liberty, and also view the lights/skyline of Manhattan. 

Although the ferry was packed with a group of elderly tourists, we still got our pictures, and enjoyed the ride. Upon arriving at Staten Island, we didn't want to just turn around and go back, so we started walking. We realized, there really wasn't much on the island though. No traffic,and  no people, it was quiet...Almost too quiet to what we were used to.

We did make our way to the 9/11 Memorial at Staten Island. That was really neat to see how they artistically remember those who died for our country. Apparently, many of those who worked in the World Trade Center lived on Staten Island.

We were planning on getting food on the island for supper, but decided that we would rather eat in Manhatten, so we took a ferry back home. We of course, had to get pictures of ourselves with the Bull (which is located right outside my workplace).
We ended up eating in Brooklyn. It was after 10pm, and we found a restuarant that actually said they served supper until 1am. Halleluiah!

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