Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 37. July 12th: Fifth avenue

Hello everyone!
Two posts in one day? No way!!!! :)

So after work, and after getting home, and after getting a little snack, and after taking on the phone, and after a little planing, and after I finished this super long run on sentence, my roomie and I mad our way to 5th avenue!!!

Now some of you might have heard of fifth avenue... It's the fancy part of NYC... Gucci, Prada, coach, etc type of stores. We were headed to one store in particular...Uniqla. It's a store that's only found in NYC in the US. It has a lot of Asian inspired clothing and colors. Think of it like an old navy. After exploring the three floors, we picked up a few things to try on and of course, I ended up with a $60 shopping bill! But I got a lot for a little! Grey pencil skirt, black Tshirt, orange shorts, & purple leggings. I'm super excited about the clothes!  

After the store we continued window shopping in the rain down fifth avenue, entail we hit the world famous....APPLE STORE! (Better pics are on my camera) 

We went inside bc of course it was open, it was really cool. But not what I expected. Very cool! 

From there we searched for some Indian food restaurants and made our way. We found one we didn't originally search for, and it was the first time ever having Indian food! A totally new experience! 

Then we left and headed (after we took a wrong turn) towards a subway. And made our way home by midnight. Now I'm exhausted, ready for bed, and trying to not think about how early I have to be up tomorrow!

Night y'all!!

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