Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 33. July 9th: Working Hard

The workday today seemed like it was much longer than what I've been used to. Maybe it was because I had no major pressing work to complete.

I've used today to have constant information intake.

I received a phone call concerning JDRF's OneConference, and it's about a surprise that I can't tell  you about!

I've also been watching and reading blogs of my fellow diabetic interns from the Students with Diabetes Program. I enjoy hearing all about their experiences, and comparing them to mine! I have even become a little inspired to maybe starting to do Video Blogs...maybe, we will see.

Oh, and good news! My sister is officially coming to visit me next weekend!!! Her flight is booked! My sorority's advisor, and our chapter president will be in NYC this weekend for our sorority's convention and 100 year Anniversary (not Diaversary), and I will be hanging out with them on Saturday. Next thursday as well, another Intern from SWD might be in NYC, so we might be getting together that day. The week after that, another SWD intern with JDRF in D.C. is hopefully coming to visit me!! After that...practically my summer and internship expereince will be over.

It is very sad to be thinking how fast this summer has been going, and how little time I have left, and yet still so much to do!

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