Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day 36. July 11th: In all Nerdiness

So at work today, I went back and forth from having pressing matters to attend to, to doing nothing. Apparently this is normal in an average workplace! Interesting!

If I got one email, I received 4, and if I had one task to complete, another was right behind! It was like a roller coaster...a Diabetes Coaster!


I have a few minutes before the end of work, with which I am scheduling what I plan to do for the rest of the day..Word on the street is that there is a movie being filmed less than 5 minutes from here called The Normal Heart w/ Matt Bomer (White Collar & Chuck), Taylor Kitsch(Gambit from Xmen Wolverine Orgins), Mark Ruffalo (Hulk from Avengers), Jim Parsons (Sheldon from Big Bang Theory), Julia Roberts, Jonathan Groff (Jesse on Glee) & some other people. So I think I will make my way there after work today, and see who/what I can see!

So I didn't see anyone of importance..except maybe a producer, or someone going into the "trailer." They were filming in the area at one point though,...the pile of giant lights and barriers clued me into that!

After taking my little tour, I ended up at home (no big surprise there!)

What was home though that was waiting for me? Why it was a package! & what was in that package? A T-SHIRT! 

I ordered this shirt a while ago, from TeeFury. They have a new tshirt on sale everyday, and I got this one. My best friend at home and I both got the shirt, in different colors, and different styles! TO say the least, I'm kinda a nerd. It's a cross between Pokemon and Harry Potter. To go along with this shirt, the one shirt I have in NYC with me I am also very proud of. 

Speaking of nerd, so Mugglenet, a Harry Potter Website, was hosting their O.W.L.s (Ordinary Wizarding Level) online, that anyone can take and see how much they know about Harry Potter and stuff (not just info on the storyline, but other wizarding world info). Yes I know this has nothing to do with New York, or my Internship, or Diabetes, or JDRF, but I still feel like sharing. I guess there is a reason that I never Received my Owl for Hogwarts...because my scores after the tests (which I took without cheating) were very bad. Pass Grades are as follows: O=Outstanding, E=Exceeds Expectations, A=Acceptable. Fail Grades: P=Poor, D=Dreadful, T=Troll. 

O.W.L. Results

These are your O.W.L. results including the test you have just taken:
Defense Against the Dark Arts
Grade achieved: Acceptable
Grade achieved: Poor
Grade achieved: Poor
Grade achieved: Poor
Ancient Runes
Grade achieved: Dreadful
Muggle Studies
Grade achieved: Exceeds Expectations
Magical Creatures
Grade achieved: Poor
History of Magic
Grade achieved: Dreadful
Grade achieved: Poor
Grade achieved: Poor
Grade achieved: Poor
Grade achieved: Acceptable
Ministry of Magic O.W.L. Examiners

I guess I'm a Muggle after all. 

Now you all know the nerdiness that is inside me. 

Oh, I also went and got groceries and I took pics of the pretty houses!

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