Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 34. July 9/10: I say "so much to do"..yet do so little?

What is wrong with me?
I say I have so much to still do in NYC, yet I go home and all I want to do is take a nap. Yesterday I took a nap when I got home. Then when I woke up, I made supper, watched a movie during that time, and then decided I should go outside to just sit, or read, or get fresh air. I go outside then, of course, and it starts to rain. I went back inside, finished the previous movie, and started another one.

It's not like I'm even doing anything of coincidence while watching the movie, I'm playing games or putting together puzzles. I NEED TO GET OUT MORE. I am just so tired all the time.
 Is is Diabetes related? Could be...although my number's haven't been horrible. Yes I have my highs, but I also have my lows, and my good numbers, which normally outweigh the highs.
Here's a lovely low I had at work on Tuesday..nothing some Applesauce can't fix!
Maybe I just need to make a more definitive TO-DO list!

Oh, just because,..I see this everyday when I walk to work...lovely right? Especially the other day when  roach ran out in front of me. Ironic that it is right opposite of the NYC Department of Sanitation Office...
Dept. of Sanitation
Found Out I've got Baby Bunnies at Home!
So I decided to try and actually walk home in my heels on Tuesday, instead of switching back to my sandals for the commute home. I felt very powerful walking home in my pencil skirt, tank top, and heels. My feet also didn't kill me! Now I know that if I ever don't want to carry two pairs of shoes, I can just wear the heels. Although it did make me feel a little sore today..guess wearing heels is a work out!
Walking home in heels
On my way into work today (Wednesday), I got free Granola Bar! I love free Stuff! Especially after already being late for work. My roommate and I got to the subway earlier than normal, but the subway was running much later than normal, and we had to wait 10minutes for the Manhattan bound train to arrive. (Meanwhile 4 trains passed on their way to Brooklyn). The train was packed, but we had to get on it, as did the millions of others waiting at the station. We squeezed ourselves in, and then pushed our way off at Wall Street. I don't think the train was even at Clark Street station until 9..(when I'm supposed to be at work). This is a common occurrence in NYC, and I hope it doesn't occur again!
Got a Granola Bar on the way to work today!

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