Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 37. July 12: Work Update


Work Selfie! (My new Macy's Dress)
Hello to the weekend! (Almost at least, another half hour to go!)
So what did I do today you might ask? 
This whole week, I am being slowly introduced to the actual process JDRF goes through to post tweets (on Twitter). I have been watching, reading, and learning this process, so that I might be able to take it over next week when Tony (the "Social Media Guru") is out of office. I have been watching over his shoulder, and saving the changes of the past work being conducted for JDRF's tweets on news articles. I've gotten the creating process figured out, and next week, I will be doing the actual uploading with Tony watching over my shoulder. Kind of excited to be taking the head of this major element to JDRF as they try to increase their audience, and marketing aspects! 

In relation to this, I also am learning more about the other various tools that JDRF uses to track changes in their mentions and activity on all different types of social media platforms. I am very privileged to be given access to really get in depth in social media from a business aspect! I am learning so much! (I am also spending more time on Twitter & Facebook than I thought was possible!)

Karen also came back of Children's Congress, so we had a little "meeting" and discussion of the event, which I helped out on! It is a wonderful feeling to feel so appreciated by work that I have done. (I've made a difference! I'm not just getting coffee! <--- I only put that in there, because people think that is what most Interns do!)

Oh, and New York City tidbit..You know how in movies, the hot blonde is walking down the street over the vent, and her skirt flies up?  Well, I just wanted to say that I've learned, when wearing a loose skirt/dress to either avoid the grate (which is normally the vent from the subway) or to hold down my dress so it DOESN'T fly up. Also though, if that movie hottie is wearing heels and walking on the grate, it is not realistic. YOU DO NOT WALK ON THE GRATES W/HEELS! It is very difficult, and more often than not, heel goes straight through the grate, and BOOM, stuck. (<---that is true when you see it in movies!) I only know that from experience. -_-

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