Friday, July 5, 2013

Day 28. July 4th!!!!: it's Independence Day! (W/o the aliens)

HAPPY JULY 4th! (or as I'm writing this, a few days after July 4th!)

I'm going to write this in the present tense....

So today, I thankfully had no work, and from going to bed at 4am, it was nice to sleep in until noon. We just had a chill day, sitting inside where it was cool, and mostly just reading. The fireworks were set to start at 9, and after multiple plan changes, we met up with four guys from our apartment building, and headed out to the west coast of Manhattan to see the fireworks.

The police had barricades up, and were ushering people a certain way, so we just followed the crowds. Crowds they were. We were packed in this alley way between a wire fence and a tall building, straining to see the fireworks over the water.

The fireworks didn't actually start until 9:30, and we were packed like sardines standing in the hot humid air, trying to catch the breeze and catch a glimpse of the fireworks.

They finally started, and the fireworks were shot up in two locations over the water, and we were able to see both. THey were really good, and had images like smiley faces, planets, butterflies, and other such similar shapes.

We were ushered like herds out of the area, and decided since we were hungry, that we should head to Korea Town, were we found a restaurant and ate Korean food again for the 2nd time this summer!

We finally got back home at around 1am, and then it was try to relax and sleep to get up for early work (yes I had work) on Friday.

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