Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day 41. July 16th: Lunch


After todays tweet creations, I feel fully capable of handling them for the next week. I've even been able to speak up to question an article that we were going to tweet. Also, I was invited (spur of the moment) to a meeting to learn more about how corporate organizations play a role in JDRF in terms of social media. It was really interesting, and I'm glad they invited me to attend. In fact, for the next week, I will be helping out within this area, just to offer an extra hand!

Also, I've officially gotten the okay to have a fellow Students With Diabetes Intern come visit the office on Thursday, and to sort of take a summer Friday this summer, so as to have more time with my sister who will be visiting me for the weekend (YAY!).

This week is going by so fast, and it is only Tuesday Afternoon. I am going to be busy these next few days!! ^_^        (I wish blogger had smileys..although it's probably a good thing it doesn't else they would be used way too much!)

Did I tell you I got flowers today? They are so beautiful, and I wish that they could last forever!

Although I brought my own lunch today, myself and the other intern in the office went outside to enjoy the nice weather and eat our sandwiches at Bowling Green Park!

I take pictures of my Snapchats!

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