Saturday, June 29, 2013

Day 24. June 29th: Famous People!!!!!

Gotta Look cute..right!?
So yesterday, I recieved a FB message from someone I had met at the Students with Diabetes Conference in Tampa. She also recieved an internship through the SWD program, and has a placing in New Jersey with Novo Nordisk. She informed me she was coming to NYC today, and was wondering if I was available.

After going through my schedule, found out I was available!!!

We met up today at 1:30 outside of the theater on Christopher Street, for we were going to see a Broadway Show! (Technically Off-Broadway, but still cool!) I've only ever seen musicals, and this was not a muscial. It was also the last night for the show...called "Reasons to be Happy." Four actors, one stage (which we were in the front row for!), and minimal set.
It's my name!!!..In the Stars 
Pre-Show Stage

 It was awesome. Dramatic, funny, moving, and man can those actors cry on demand! Who was in it you may ask?

Jenna Fischer:
She played Pam on the T.V. Show "THE OFFICE!" She was amazing. and supper nice, because we got to meet her after the show! She was so personable, and kept thanking us for coming to watch. oh, and I got my picture with her!

Josh Hamilton:
He's done a lot of stuff, from movies to T.V. Shows. He also came out to say hello after the show!

Leslie Bibb:
I couldn't figure out why she looked so familir, then after IMDB-ing her name, found out she was in IRON MAN 1 & 2! She was the reporter that Tony Stark was with! She's also been in Talladega nights, and Zookeeper. Unfortunately we did not get to see her after the show, but during, again, we were in the front row! (to the side, but that doesn't matter..)

Fred Weller:
His character was the most interesting, and intrigueing. Probably had the most growth. He has been in a bunch of other t.v. shows such as Plain Sight, Missing Persons, Blue Bloods, with appearances in THe Good Wife, Monk, and Law in Order. I did see him after the show!

After the amazing show, we found food at this fancy Italian Restuarant. 

After that, we made our way onto the subway and hit Time Square! This was Danica's first time, both on the subway, in NYC, and times square. She enjoyed seeing everything, and I enjoyed trying to be a tour guide! Of course, since we were limited on time before she had to hit the train back to New Jersey, we only went into the giant M&M store. Of course, met a few other "famous people on the way...

Batman, Ironman, Minnie Mouse, Master Chief
"Biggest Wall of Chocolate"

Then we had an adventure trying to find the Train Station part of Penn Station. Thankfully, we found her exact train right as they were on the final boarding calls. Talk about close timing!

Then I had to wait for my subway, for what seemed like ages, in the stifling, outrageous, hot underground. I felt disgusting. !

All in all, a GREAAAAAAAT Day! :)

Now to check on the Blood Sugar..It wanted to be high all day, but I think now, is ready for a boost back up again... guess we will have to take a check and find out!

If you want to read about another amazing Diabetic Intern's Experience...Check out Danica's Blog!

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