Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day 1. June 6th

Today was a very long day. I left my small town of Frankenmuth to head to the big city of New York. After a half hour delay and running through the airport we made both of our flights. We meaning my mother and I. I feel like such a flying pro, my mother however, is another story. 
3 suitcases later we found ourselves sitting in the airport. Somehow we had to get ourselves to my housing to checkin at 4:45, yet it was only 1:30. We found mom a hotel, arranged a shuttle pickup, and found ourselves in Brooklyn.

Then of course came lunch for this diabetic! We ate at the hotels restaurant. Then it was time to grab the hotels car service and off we were again. This time to my housing in Brooklyn heights. 
Upon arriving at my apartment, we were supposed to be meeting the housing coordinator, yet no one was there. This was the most frustrating moment, we had not clue if we missed something and we were standing on the sidekick with three giant suitcases. Finally the housing coordinator, Nadia, shows up and she shows me my apartment. My roommate has not arrived, so I'm currently here alone. After signing lots of paperwork, I start to unpack. With a substantial break to treat an unnatural low blood sugar with the very minimal food we had. 

Having finished unpacking, we set out to explore the neighborhood, and find some stores to fill my empty cupboards. It would have been pretty different situation if my mother wasn't there to laugh and have fun exploring with mr. We ended up a block away from the apartment and over looking the water and what a site it was! 

Mother and I would have probably have both gotten lost and even more short tempered if I didn't have a smartphone to help is on our way. We walked to the subway station, picked up what's hopefully the right metro passes, and ended up doing some shopping at a local grocery store. It was very difficult to shop when we knew we had to carry everything back to the apartment that was multiple blocks away. Food is very important part of a type 1 diabetics diet if you didn't know, so we did our best getting the necessaries: milk, Oj, cereal, butter, fruit snacks, granola bars, and hangers. There was a lot more we wanted to buy, but we will just have to stop by everyday and continuously add to the supply. Especial before Tuesday when I need to bring my own lunch to work. How do the locals ever carry enough food to last more than a day we wondered. 

It did rain a bit today, but not enough to have an umbrella. We made noodles and butter with yogurt for supper in my apartment/dorm.
I sent mother home with directions and did receive confirmation she made it'll her hotel ok.

So far a great first day as a diabetic in the big city! 

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