Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day 21. June 26th: Wednesday.

So, about Wednesday...I don't have much to say.

I went to work, was a little sore from my run the day before, but nothing too bad. Morning started out slow, but it really picked up in the afternoon after my meeting and increase of things to continue doing in relation to Children's Congress. Keeping busy and working hard.

After work, I went straight home. I did do a recording of my entire commute home, and learned it takes 17 minutes to get home. Eventually I want to share that video with everyone.

Once  home, I charged my phone (because of course, can't go anywhere without it), and then ate a little supper. After supper I grabbed my Ipad, blanket, and went outside to sit on one of the benches overlooking the water.

I got about 3 pages into my book, and it started raining. Maybe it will pass. I put my Ipad away, and then just sat there hoping the dribbles would stop. They did stop...for a little bit. Of course during that time, I brought my Ipad back out. Then the drips started again, and this time came down harder and a little bit faster. I grudingly put my stuff away, and made my way back to my apartment. Guess no reading outside today!

Instead, once inside, I ended up finishing the book I was reading. Of course by now, it seemed like it was sunny outside again >_< My roommate went out for a run, so to get my physical exercise for the day, I did a few ab workouts...probably nothing to actually consider as exercise, but it made me feel good that I wasn't just sitting around.

I also went to bed early, way! I consider early anything before 12am, and it was about 11:30 when I put the technology away and tried to let sleep take hold of me. Of course, I would have fallen asleep more at 11, but I was checking my blood sugar, and making sure that it was stable. It was weird, my blood sugar. I never dropped too low, but I did eat some carbs (popcorn) without taking insulin, yet my number before bed was perfect. Guess I would have been low without the popcorn!

I thought myself going low at about 11, and I took a check, found out I was fine, so I waited 20minutes to see if my BG had gone down a bit. It was exactly the same, so I took that as a sign I would be good for the night (of course, had my meter and 2 juice boxes right by my bed just in case). After taking care of the D, I fell asleep. (And this morning woke up with a lovely 74 (insert smiley face))

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