Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 20. June 25th: Run Run Run!

Hopefully I can make this a short post, so that I can head to bed early tonight.
Early to bed means lots of sleep for walking up bright and early for work tomorrow!

This entire week has been a rough one when trying to get up in the mornings. This morning, although I awoke earlier, was still a rough one to get going. I just couldn't find the "right" outfit to wear, and tried on about 10 different combinations. You would think that with having a limited selection of clothing would make choosing them easier, but alas, that is not the case I feel, instead it makes it harder!

Although to make the morning better, I did get a free toothbrush walking on my way to work. Don't worry, it was from a dentist co., and fully packaged, so nothing shady. It wasn't like someone was selling them out of a unmarked white van.

The morning at work started slow. I continued putting names and numbers into the documents for Children's Congress, and once I finished doing that, emailed those I was helping to see the next stage of what I needed to do next. It was around lunch time by then, so myself, and the other intern went and got some food. We wanted to get outside because it was so nice, and not freezing like the office building.

I came back from lunch with multiple emails in my inbox, and the afternoon went by very fast as I responded to each of them. Some were about more information to add to my master sheets about Children's Congress, while the other was informing me that I needed to send my initial intake thoughts and ideas to some important people before they left for vacation tomorrow. I sent a five page document, sharing ideas for how to increase JDRF's audience with teenagers, young-adults, and the college-age. I also had some ideas to change in terms of social media, and website content. It was very scary/nerve-racking putting that document together, for I originally had created it with a different audience in mind. I really wanted to cut down it's size, but didn't know how, since each section had to go into a bit more specifics than the original audience member.

The day flew by. After work, I knew that I didn't want to go straight back to my place, so I took the uptown (instead of downtown) train and got off at 14th street. From there, I continued to walk, until I hit 20th Street, and made a stop outside of a building..known as Kleinfelds' Bridal.

Many you might have recalled that name, as the hosting of the show "Say Yes to the Dress." You are correct. I have a bad addiction to that show, and no I don't have a ring, and no, I don't even have a boyfriend if your wondering.! I just walked by, although I had friends tell me to pretend I was engaged just to get in the door, (no I didn't do that).

I walked back to the subway, and made my way  home. It got very hot on the subway, and I knew that I would have to take a shower tonight. I made supper, relaxed for a bit, and then headed back out to go running. It was just getting dark out, and there were lots of people outside. It was still very hot though. I ran/walked and it was great feeling. I will probably go low a bit later tonight, but I'm on high watch. I will be sore tomorrow though!!!!

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