Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day 13. June 18th: It rains A lot.

So I used to think Michigan had uncontrollable, unguessable, crazy weather, but I was wrong. New York City can get just as weird. The weather drops when it rains, it rains when the sun is supposed to shine (and vice versa). I have already broken TWO umbrellas here in New York. If someone was to invent an unbendable umbrella, they would make millions, at least I would definitely purchase one! I sometimes have to decide on my clothing based on the weather. If it's gonna rain, that means I either have to wear heels with pants (because I'm short, and my pant bottoms drag), or a skirt. With a limited wardrobe, it is very difficult to do such a thing. 

After deciding what to wear, having breakfast, correcting my higher blood sugar, I set off for another day of work. Today I timed it better, and didn't have to wait 5minutes for someone to let me into the actual office area, like I did Yesterday. I sat down, and looked at my computer, and realized I felt like I had nothing to do that day. In the end, I found more things to look up, more ideas to write down, and attended an extra meeting in the morning. I actually enjoy attending the meetings, although I have nothing to really add, I enjoy listening, learning, watching, and absorbing everything that is going on and using that to further understand the inter workings that go on at JDRF. There's a lot going on, more than imagined. I do enjoy knowing what is going to happen in the future with JDRF before others do (but I can't tell you!). Sometimes I don't know exactly what I'm aloud to share or not. I do know for sure on some of the big things if I can share them (and since I didn't tell you, that means I can't share, lol). 

You know how yesterday I made the pact that I would walk/do something after work every day. Well today, I get out of work and it's raining. So I came straight home, but went down to the Promenade first to look at the view. Since I love this view, I took a video recording of it to share with the rest of you, and the link should appear below. 


After I dropped off my stuff in my apartment, I headed back out to the grocery store to pick up some more food that I can make in my apartment. Again, having only two hands makes buying a lot of groceries at once very difficult. I did find out that Thursday is students day, and all students get a 10% discount! Yay for being a student (yes I'm a student, I am enrolled for another year at college, I'm not just a summer intern!). I walked around the grocery store for a long time (looking for ketchup), which was by the fruit...who puts ketchup by fruit I don't understand. I feel like buying groceries got me my exercise for the day!!

So speaking of the day, I'm getting worried that I might be getting sick or something. I am constantly thirsty, in part due to some recent high blood sugars, and also because I just don't know if something isn't right. Being a diabetic, I'm so in-tuned with my body, that at the slightest change somethings different, I know, but then to determine if it's because of Diabetes, unrelated, or affecting my diabetes is the big question. All just adds up to that mathematical equation! So, because I'm not feeling 110%, I'm going to try and hit the hay (not literally, since the closest hay pile is probably hundreds of miles away. (ok, I could be exaggerating a little bit..))

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