Sunday, June 9, 2013

Day 4. June 9th

Hello my Blog Followers!

So I realize that this is more like a day to day journal and less like a blog, so I hope you bear with me about hearing all the things that I've been doing while being in New York.

Tomorrow starts my first day of work, so it seems like today was my last day of "Vacation." And a relaxing day it was.

Due to the Tony Awards taking place in Manhattan tonight, mother and I wanted to stay away from that area as much as possible, so we started the morning walking around my neighborhood and in Brooklyn. We found a little store/deli/fruit/meat market place, where we bought sandwiches for lunch. We took our sandwiches down to the Peak overlooking the water. Today was the hottest day that I've been here, and it was great just sitting watching the boats, watching the city, and counting the Helicopters.

After our lunch, we headed into Manhattan to officially find my place of work. It was much easier to find it the 3rd time around. We decided that we would also try to find the Memorial of the World Trade Center. We did find it, and that moment itself was both see how we've overcome, and yet sad, at the memory of that terrible moment on 9/11. Freedom doesn't come Free.
World Trade Center

World Trade Center

World Trade Center
After we walked around the World Trade Center, we ended up on the other side of Manhattan, and we kinda got lost, but when we get lost, we always find the most interesting things! We also found ourselves in the Century 21 Store. It reminded us of an IKEA. There were 6 floors, and a crazy amount of people there, but we did come out with an extra bag in our hands. 
Battery Park
View of the Statue of Liberty from the West Side

New York Stock Exchange...on WALL STREET
The Trump Building

After we left Manhattan, we made our way back to Brooklyn and decided that since Mom was still around, I could do some shopping with her extra hands. We got some last minute stuff and food I needed for my apartment at a local Target, which was incidentally located right by the Barclays Center. 
Barclays Center.

After the shopping trip, ended up back home to drop off the groceries, and then, myself, mom, and my recently met roommate found some supper at one of the local restaurants mother and I had found earlier today. 

My blood sugar was in good range for most of the day today. It's currently a little high, but that was due to the high carb supper I ate. I am also very thirsty, but that is due to both dehydration from the intense heat and my blood sugar. Being in New York, I've had to make sure to always carry around a bottle of water. In the end, according to my mothers Pedometer, we walked a little less than 20Miles!!! THAT IS OUR RECORD! 

Tonight is hopefully an early night, so that I can be up, awake, and ready to go tomorrow for my FIRST DAY OF WORK! I am both super excited and also anxious. I am hoping that at my position I can do my share and make a change in the world of Diabetes, especially Type 1 Diabetes. 

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