Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 12. June 17th: Much ado about nothing

So today is what it felt like to have a real Monday at the office. After the excitement of last week has worn off, today I didn't feel like I was doing much. I enjoy having explicit instructions on what to do, and with my position at JDRF it's a lot of finding my own things to look at, and explore. I'm doing so my intake of information that I now need an outlook to share what I've taken in. Ive written down my ideas and hope that they will eventually be utilized.  I'm still meeting new people at the office, and trying to remember old ones. Everyone is so positive even when it seems they have so much to do! 

Besides work, I did nothing, yep nothing, today. I need to make sure I don't adopt a too sedentary life! With sitting at a desk at work, and sitting around at home. You might say to out! You live in NYC. To that I say, no, technically I live in Brooklyn. ;) there is a lot to see, but I need to find more things to do that aren't just walking places or buying food. Although that reminds me i do need to get more groceries! So I have now made a new rule with myself, I will no longer come straight home from work! I will take the subway a few stops, walk from there, walk extra length to the subway station, visit some locations where movies had famous scenes filmed (I found a website of them). Starting tomorrow, this is what I'm doing! :) lets hope I follow through!

Oh, on a diabetes note, this am was a beautiful number! Last night I guessed right! Although my numbers went uphill from there and stayed uphill all day. That means their coming down now though, right?  Oh the lovely diabetes roller coaster! 

Until tomorrow my fine fellows! 

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