Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day 18. June 23rd: Church, Laundry, Walking, OH MY!

So today, I got up and went to the church I went to last week. Once again, there were about 15 people there, but I enjoyed the service and felt welcomed again. After church, I came back home, and determined that I had to do laundry.

Today turned into Laundry Day, among other things!

I did three loads of laundry, and had one load in the dryer. The rest of the clothing got hung up to dry in my apartment where it is drying fairly quickly. Between loads of laundry, I ate lunch, cleaned up my area, and watched a bit of TV on Netflix.

By the time all of that was completed, it was about 6:30, so we decided to head out into the world! Well..into NYC that is.

We jumped on the subway, and made our way to 14th street and started walking. We actually realized this was the same street we had already been down once. We even found the cute little restaurant we ate at. It was different, seeing this major "young" saturday night area in the daytime. We stopped at a cute little Diner Restaurant and had ourselves a nice little supper. From there, we followed the people, and the stairs, and made it to the High Line of NYC!

For those of you who don't know, the High Line was once an elevated Train Track that when decommissioned, turned into a walkway and garden area. The high line was beautiful. Flowers were in bloom, people were playing music, the city was bustling below us, and the sky darkening around us. We got to see the city lights come alive.

After walking the high line to the end, we got back on solid ground, and made our way to see the Empire State Building. At first, we actually were headed to the Subway, but the Empire State Building looked so close that we had to go there! We got pretty close to it. We thought if we tried to get closer, that we wouldn't be able to see it in pictures. We then started walking more towards a subway, and found ourselves outside a building with a camera that took your picture with Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother. Of course we had to get our picture taken!!! My roommate got hers, (they email it to ya..a little shady, I know), and I'm still waiting on mine. I hope I didn't type my email in wrong!

Upon finally catching the Subway at Penn Station, we jumped on the 1 train, when we normally take the 2/3. Then we went down a station or two, and jumped on the 2 train home. It was hot, long, and tiresome waiting at the subway station. We felt gross, sweaty, and our feet were starting to hurt us. It was threatening to rain the entire time we were out, and did drop a few sprinkles on us.

Upon arriving home, we wanted to see if we could see the moon over the water. Unfortunately, we couldn't, but we had to look at the amazing Skyline of NYC. It was the first time seeing it with it so dark out. It was beautiful.

Now my feet hurt, I'm tired, hot, a little smelly, and ready for bed. Hoping I've been keeping good track of my numbers, and they will cooperate tonight. With the extra walking, wine at dinner, and high carb food,'s an episode for disaster. So here's to hoping for a good night!

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