Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day 8. June 13th.

This will probably be a short post, for I didn't do much today besides go to work and just hang out in my apartment. It was supposed to be raining today as well.  We will call it a restful evening before my roommate and I plan on exploring more of the city tomorrow night and this weekend! Our first weekend alone in the city! It will be a great time! We have been looking up great places to visit and things to do, there's so much besides the normal touristy things.

The subway gets easier and easier every day. I've come to realize that the Subway I've been taking the last few mornings can get very packed. Maybe next week I will wait one train and see if the other subway is any less busy! It all depends on timing. Today I felt kinda cool wearing my tennis shoes with my business skirt, almost like a real New Yorker! When you have a little walking to do on uneven roads and on subways it's easier to wear tennis shoes rather than those heels! 

My diabetes has been on a rollar coaster today. Maybe another reason why I didn't do much tonight. I was perfect at breakfast, and then was a little higher at lunch. After lunch I was still high, and when I ended up at home, my blood sugar dropped! I don't think I've ever made myself that delicious of a Nutella and jelly sandwich with orange juice! I probably could have just ate supper then, but that was more like a snack! I had supper a little bit later, and just ate in my apartment. It's so easy to eat out all the time while in New York, and it's hard deciding when to eat out and when to stay in, especially with the fact that going out means trying new foods, which means unknown carbs I'd have guess at.  One thing is for certain, I will have to get groceries this weekend, at least those have easily accessible nutrition facts! 

So, for now, I guess it's time for bed, so I can start my first Friday workday! It will also be interesting to see if there's a change in the people on my way home because it is the start of the weekend. These are more things I get to think about and just appreciate. It's still crazy to think that I'm here, in New York, at an internship with JDRF. It's almost like living in a daydream! Now it's time to start the real dreaming, and see what new paths they take me on, until tomorrow!

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