Sunday, June 16, 2013

Day 11. June 16th: a great day in the city

Hello one and all!

This morning I woke up and decided I wanted to go to the local church I had found. It is a Lutheran German church and only about 2 small blocks away. Church started at 11, and I got there about 10:50, and I was the first one there besides the pastor. He was very nice and we got to talking. He introduced me to his kids, and invited me to his house for both lunch and afternoon beer celebration. I was also informed that church normally started at like 11:15. The German service started at 9:30. Once the service started there were about 15 people there. It was a very good service and I definitely will be back there next week if I can. I was even approached by an elderly gentlemen of the church who started speaking in German to me. I understood that he was asking me if I spoke German but I could only respond not really. He did say that I looked German with my ground face and asked if maybe my grandparents spoke German. I guess I'm going to have to brush up on my German now! The name of the church is Zion German evangelical Lutheran church. The pastor said he once visited my homely hometown church and said it was one of the few he had heard of that still had German services. He totally understood how I might have been feeling coming from my small town to the big city of NYC! 

After church, I walked to the close by grocery/pharmacy to pick up some milk, cereal, yogurt, toothpaste, and some other random stuff. After I got back to my apartment, I ate a lunch, and from there my roommate and I headed out to explore more of Brooklyn. We found some of the major malls and shopping Areas and it was nice to just walk. Then we ended up picking up more groceries from a fruit/meat market type of place. Then we headed back to the store I hit this morning to pick up some verry expensive toilet paper. 

We just chilled in the apartment and had supper. Then we decided it was time to head out again. It was 8pm  and we wanted to walk the Brooklyn bridge. And walk it we did, all the way to manhattan, Ns all the way back. FYI, it's kinda a long walk! But it was so beautiful watching the sun set over the cityscape and water and then just being under the stars with no major buildings or trees surrounding. It as breathtaking and beautiful. Now it's soon time for bed for another week at work. 

On the terms of being a diabetic, I've been making sure to always wear my medical alert necklace or bracelet at all times. It's become habit! Guess that's a good habit to have! You might have recalled that last night I had no clue what my blood sugars were going to do, we'll this morning I woke up with a PERFECT number!!! Nothing makes your day better than starting it out with an amazing blood sugar, In case you were all wondering. I again will have to watch my blood sugars tonight because of the late night walking, but nothing I can't take care of! My body is thankfully not rejecting my "new life" of the summer!

UPDATE: so after I wrote this post, I took a finger check, and oh and behold... 109!!!! which if you are familiar with diabetes, is an absolutely GREAT number!...but...not it is time to decipher what that means...
-Does it mean that I am currently going up from any late night snacking?
-Does it mean that I am going down, and my blood sugar in about 10minutes will be 60?
-Does it mean that ha, "I'm actually planning on staying here all night long!"...
What path do I follow? Well, it's like a mathematical equation.. late night walking+lower perfect number+nighttime insulin+7 hours until breakfast+minimal snackage after walk=Eat a small snack now to keep blood sugar from dropping too far, and have a juice box at the ready for a possible 2am wakeup call.
Bet you didn't know that being a diabetic is a giant mathematical equation, with many factors, variables, and possible solutions. Only tomorrow will tell if today I answered right.

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