Saturday, June 8, 2013

Day 3. June 8

Hello Everyone!

Here's an update from today:

After starting out this morning, Mother and I hit downtown Manhatten to visit, once again, where I will be starting work on Monday. This time, thankfully it wasn't raining. We found my workplace a lot easier than the first time, but through a different route. We will probably have to check back one more time tomorrow to make sure that I have it!
From Broadway street, we headed north on the subway and got off at 42nd street.  Aka..TIMES SQUARE!

We decided that Times Square would be a perfect place to have ourselves typical New York Hotdogs!

In Times Square, we determined it was time to see a Broadway Show, and got tickets to see ANNIE! I have seen Annie three times, each through a significantly higher theater company, and of course, this fourth show being on Broadway!

After the Amazing Broadway show, we made our way to Central Park to enjoy the music, entertainment, and fun. 
I wanted to find Hunter College, where my sorority, Phi Sigma Sigma was founded in 1913, and we did! I was very excited to be on location to where my wonderful organization had it's beginning. 
After this, we decided to walk the Brooklyn Bridge. After taking a long and crowded subway from Hunter College Station, we began the long trek across the Bridge. 

We then walked around searching for some supper, and ended up at this Italian Restuarant in Brooklyn. After supper, we took a walk along the Brooklyn Park and watched the Sunset around the Statue of Liberty.  

So. Like how I end all my postings..sort with being a Diabetic, running around the city. Today, our Pedometer read over 15miles for walking distance. With that being said. I dropped my Lantus Insulin the Night before, didn't have any insulin for breakfast, had no insulin with my lunch and took some insulin with my supper. Getting back to my apartment for the night, my blood sugar number dropped. Thankfully I had some snacks available (Granola Bar and Orange Juice). I went to bed with a 159 number, and woke up on June 9th a beautiful 120! :) So far...I'm doing good with being in the City, and living with Type 1 Diabetes. I feel like if I can control my numbers, I CAN DO ANYTHING! :)

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