Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day 10. June 15th: Alone in the Big City.


Today was a relax-full yet busy day. Since we had no place to be, my roommate and I decided to sleep in, and sleep in we did. It was very enjoyable. We both then just chilled in our rooms, watching our Netflix and reading. At 4:30, we made our way to Central Park!
We jumped on the subway and got squished all the way to 42nd street. The Subway was so packed, we couldn't even move. Thankfully it was air-conditioned else we would have died of over-heating. We pushed our way off at 42nd street in Times Square. If we thought Times Square was busy last night, it was nothing compared to how packed it was today! After seeing a little bit of the craziness of Times Square in the daytime on a Saturday, we walked a block over, so as to avoid the crowds as we made our way to Central Park. It was a longer walk then what we originally thought. We did get to pass by Radio City Hall though, and that was kinda cool. (The place where the Tony's were held last weekend.
We made our way to Central Park, and just started walking inwards. It was also busy here, but thankfully not as bad as the subway or Times Square. We got some ice cream at one of the stands, and went to sit by the water and watch the people. My blood sugar decided it wanted to take a drop and not come back up. The ice cream came couldn't come at any better of time, but of course, I could feel myself spiraling farther and farther down. That much walking, and stress from the packed subway were really hitting me hard. One Ice Cream, 2 Fruit Snacks, and 1 Fruit Rollup later, I finally felt back to normal. We walked by the boathouse, and ended up at Belvedere Castle, which had a great view of Turtle Pond and some other areas of Central Park. . After sitting here for a while, we made our way back into the city to find a subway home. We then decided that we couldn't wait to eat till we got home, so we found this little deli/bakery/pizza place and ordered food here. The people were very kind, and seemed to actually enjoy their job. The scariest part of our day occurred here, when someone, tried to run with food from the place without paying. He didn't get far though.

We jumped on the subway, and headed home. The subway and ride home took 45minutes, but thankfully we had seats for most of the ride. It was still daylight when we got on the subway, but was dark when we got off. Again, we are just sitting in our beds, and planning for tomorrow. I had found out about this Jazz Age/Great Gatsby Era fest on Governor's Island that is tomorrow, but unfortunately, tickets were all sold out. It would have been super awesome to go, and we were planning on it actually.
Tomorrow, I plan to find the local Lutheran church that mom visited when she was here. Thankfully I will still be able to sleep in though, since the service isn't until 11. Coming home from church, I'll need to pick up some groceries!

After all the walking of the day, the low blood sugars, and the interesting food at the restaurant, I'm going to have to be on diligent watch for the rest of the night. I'm probably actually high right now, but I'm worried that if I take insulin, I will wake up with a midnight low. One of the great decisions of being a diabetic, when to shoot up (give myself insulin), and when to let it be.

Heres to another great night in the City.

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