Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 15. June 20th: To Sit or Go.

So today went by very fast, because I had so much to do! This is very exciting, because it wasn't the quantity of what to do, but the quality. I was helping out with organizing information, data, schedules, etc. for JDRF's Children's Congress. The congress is coming up, and everyone is working overtime in the office. I was glad to be able to contribute my time to help out with this amazing cause. I even stayed after work a little bit today because we were in the middle of a project for the Congress. It was kinda cool to say I worked Overtime! I just like saying that, even if it was only 15minutes extra. I feel so grownup.

After work, I of course, wanted to walk around the financial district and find the exact filming spot for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movies, and find it I did! I followed signs, and walked right by the studio building where security guards were posted, and I could see lights, and a set inside the building. I guess I'm going to have to go see the movie someday just to say I was there!

After I got back home, and a phone call to my father while sitting outside, I went to my apartment, changed into more relaxed clothing, and decided I needed to head outside, and go for a walk. I ended up pretty far down in Brooklyn, just following people, and looking at the buildings. I ended up walking by a Gospel Singing and Preaching service in one of the parks. From there, I grabbed Dinner at the Shake Shack, which if you didn't know is like a cross between Fudruckers and Culver's I'd say. You could even buy Beer by the Pitcher. Although a Small hamburger, and small Shake ended up being $10, which I thought was a lot...but it was a good burger. o.O

I walked back to my apartment, called my mother then as well. I decided that although I walked, I had to work off that shake, so I did a few at home core exercises. It's time to get myself off my bed in my apartment and out seeing more of NYC! My roommate and I took out our trash for the first time, and discovered the Laundry spot. We both determined that we are going to have to do laundry soon..once the underwear runs out, you can't put it off anymore :)

Now we are talking about what our plans are for tomorrow night. Maybe supper, and a free French movie in the Park? Only tomorrow will tell!!!!!

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