Monday, June 10, 2013

Day 5. June 10: MY FIRST DAY


Suited up and Ready to Go!
I had an amazing first day at the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation! Everyone was so nice, helpful, and I am excited to continue working with such committed, dedicated, and amazing people. I found my way without incident and was able to arrive early. I was worried how full the Subway would be, but I had no issues at all. 

I am very excited for what this summer is going to bring. 
I feel like this is the place I need to be, and I'm doing what I should be doing. 

Mom came and visited me at work, so she could meet everyone and get a tour. From there, we were told we could leave early, and we headed home. It was raining, and we had fun talking about our days. Then we headed back out into the rain and found another local place in Brooklyn for supper. We enjoyed a nice meal, and then walked down by the water one more time together, for tomorrow mom leaves for home. 

We said our goodbyes, and I sent mom off on the subway. Now I'm back in my room, hanging with my roommate, and thinking about some ideas for the summer and projects.

All in all, day 1 was a success. As expected, by morning Glucose was a bit higher than normal, but nothing I couldn't handle. The rest of the day, my blood sugars were fine! I was able to adjust them easily to my very different type of schedule. For lunch, we went to a local Mexican Restaurant near to where I work, and it was very good! I met a few Type 1 Diabetics at JDRF, and already it was fun exchanging Diabetic notes. 

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