Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Day 21. June 26th: There's an App for That

Look at that beautiful ness! I mean, mostly it's beautiful. Last night I went for a run, before I ran I was. Good number and after I ran I was also a good number, then I felt myself dropping in blood sugar, so I had a snack, felt myself dropping again, although I was perfect, so I had another snack! And boom! This morning, woke up with a wonderful number! That's how you do It baby!!! A great morning number equals for a great day!

 I got this iPhone app called Diabetes Monster. It allows me to put in my bg, carb, insulin, exercise, feelings, notes, etc. I've been using it for about 5 days now, and trying to make tracking my blood sugars a habit. I entered in numbers from meter dating till the beginning of June. The app calculates  your 24 hours, 7 day average, 14 day average, and deviation. I am very surprised with my numbers, and no...I'm not going to tell u what they are. I will say though that a lot of changes have occurred in the last 14 days which may have an influence on my numbers. But also, all three of those numbers are almost exactly the same, showing that I'm consistent! 

I've already noticed that I go high right after lunch, about 3, and then I will drop as soon as I get home, around six. Meaning that I can't take insulin to being my high down, else I will drop an outrageously huge amount and will end up in a constant low. 

This is just one of many apps I've found that are made for diabetics, and so far I'm glad I got it (it was free)! 

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