Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day 9. June 14th

Hello Everyone!
Sorry this is coming to you all a day late, I got very busy yesterday and didn't have enough time to write up a post. So I'm writing it now.

Yesterday was my first Friday on the job, and only my second Friday in the city. It was also casual Friday at work, which made it an even better day. I have finally and successfully completed my first week of my internship and of living on my own (ish) in NYC!

My roommate and I left for work together, since we both start at the same time in the morning, and we both get off at the Wall Street Station. I had another great day at work. I attended a meeting with a lot of people on the Marketing and Communications Team. It was really interesting to see part of the plans for the future within Type 1 Diabetes! For lunch, the other new intern working in the Communications department and myself went and got lunch together. We ended up at this place which had everything it seemed, and it was all very healthy. We ate our food outside and got to know each other a little bit better. The people I work with are supper supportive, and always helpful in figuring out what I need to do while still in the city. I even received a gift, a PURPLE New York City T-Shirt from those at work. I thank the Lord every day for the amazing opportunity he has provided me.

After work, I came home, and waited for my roommate to come home from her job as well. We had plans to go out and do something on the lovely friday night! Can't sit around our rooms on a Friday Night. Once she got home, it took us about an hour to determine where we wanted to find supper, and what we wanted to do. We liked the idea of having a plan. In the end though, our original plan failed. We ended up in the Chelsea area, and took supper at a random little restaurant/bar. It was good place to end up at. From there, we jumped on the subway and ended up in Times Square. There were so many people there it was absolute chaos, but also kind of fun just to walk around and look at people, and all the lights. Then we made our way back to our own apartment in Booklyn after a 45minute subway ride. We just finished the night out in our room, staying up later than the normal work day, because we knew we had no worries about being anywhere on Saturday and could stay up as late as we wanted.
Times Square

After getting back to my apartment, my blood sugar just decided to drop. I was so full from my amazing supper, but I had to bring my blood sugar up. Guess my stomach could hold more food when the situation requires it! On normal occasions, when my Blood Glucose is higher, I tend to want to drink more water, but something about being in New York makes it opposite. I tend to now be thirstier when I'm going lower, and still sometimes when I'm higher. My body just can't make up it's mind!

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  1. That's cool that the people are giving you tips on where to go in NYC! Keep up the adventures!