Sunday, June 9, 2013

Diasleepless's currently 2:25 am on the Monday before my first day of work, and guess why im awake... I'm LOW! 
I went to bed a perfectly acceptable higher number and woke up feeling like I just ran a marathon. I ran to the kitchen and of course grabbed the first thing I could, which was apparently yogurt and a fruit roll up. In pretty sure I woke my roommate up doing this. After eating 60 carbs worth of food, now I have to sit here waiting for my blood sugar to rise enough before I head back to sleep. 
It would be the day I have to wake up early I'd wake with a midnight low. It also would be that the day after I buy juice boxes and hadn't gotten around to open them that I would need them. When your low, it's difficult to focus enough to open packaging on anything. Normally I sleep with a juice by my side to bring my sugar up quick while I look for more substantial long lasting blood sugar raising food. Not tonight though. 

I am still shaking as I sit here, and it's making typing a little difficult. Hopefully these words, when I read them in the morning actually make sense. If they don't, I apologize and we will just blame the diabetes!!

I've been up for 30 minutes so far, I'm very tired and have to keep Fighting the urge to get more food. My stomach keeps saying It hasn't eaten for days although it had a giant meal of pasta for supper!!

As you can see above my number is now the 134 meaning I'm good to fall asleep. It also means that tomorrow morning ill probably wake up with a high number. This goes the roller coaster of life I call diabetes. I have things to be thankful for though....that my body woke me up because I was low, that I have food Available to correct my low, and that I got to check Facebook and my blog! It is sometimes the little things in life!
Now it's time for bed!!!

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