Saturday, June 29, 2013

Day 23. June 28th: Whats wrong with having dinner twice?

So today was Friday!!!!!

Everything is better on a Friday...except all the work seems to build up and a rush to finish before the weekend!

A Perfect 100 BG
I was working hard on Children's Congress, and the giant push to the finish starts..well, 3 weeks ago.
I also did some more things on Twitter, creating tweets, and emailing ideas to people. I also had a few "meetings" as we worked through some more of the elements for putting on Children's Congress.

I went out to get lunch with the other intern in the office, and we sat ourside after our meal enjoying Bowling Green, the people, fountain, and pigeons.

After work, I knew I didn't want to go straight home, so I made my way to Battery Park. After snapping a few pictures, I then decided I just wanted to sit on the bench, listen to the jazz trumpeter, watch the ladies in their wedding dresses, and read my book.

I started reading Ender's Game (The Movie comes out this Fall...and has Harrison Ford in it, who is one of my favorite actors). I sat there for about an hour and a half. I thought it was going to rain on me a couple of times, but thankfully that didn't occur.
I made my way home, and started to make supper (Baked Potato). It was good, and I was just debating wether I wanted anything else when I got a text from my roommate (who had gone out for happy hour with a few other interns) saying they were going to get food in Korea Town, and if I wanted to join. I thought, eh, why not!

So I made my way to Korean Town. I waited outside the resturant for her to arrive with her other intern friends, and then we waited to be seated. This wasn't just an Americanized Korean place, it was legit! It had korean barbecue and you had to ask for a fork. In the group, I was the only (for lack of better term) white person. I was given a fork right away..I guess they knew I wasn't good with chopsticks. But I tried, and one of the other interns helped me out and gave ma lesson...Now I'm a Pro! (ok..not really, but at least I didn't starve). She also helped me decide what to eat, because, mind you, I had just had supper, so I wasn't very hungry. I ordered an apetizer, and went on her recommendation and it was good!

There was also a lot of other...random, unique, and traditional food on the table. It was such a cool expereince. The BBQ is also fried directly on the table, on a little burner as well! I really enjoyed meeting others my age, and we are making plans to see a movie (probably "The Internship") on Sunday!

Now, I have never had Korean Food before, So i had no clue what that was going to do to my Blood Sugars. They were high to start, and I didn't feel like I ate many carbs. To say the least, I went here with the good ole' Guess and Check method! I went to bed with a higher number, and woke up around 9am with a BG of 50. Glad I still wake up to being low. That is a blessing. I was actually having a dream about being low, and that's normally a sign to me that I am low.

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