Monday, June 10, 2013

How it all got Started...

The Beginnings

Many of you might be wondering about how I received this internship, and where it all began. Since I have time, I thought I would write a little post on all my happenings that got me to where I am now.

Step 1. I formed a Students with Diabetes Group at my college, Saginaw Valley State University, with another friend. Students with Diabetes was a group that was founded originally at University South Florida in Tampa by Nicole Johnson, an amazing Type 1 Diabetic and former Miss America Pageant Winner. Students with Diabetes Groups have been formed at college campus' all around the United States and even starting to form in other countries. Although my group is small, and we don't do much, we have always had big ideas.
Here is the website for Students with Diabetes---->

Step 2. In November, I found out about an opportunity that Students with Diabetes was offering. It was an internship opportunity. By February 10th, Members of Students with Diabetes groups had to send in an application, resume, and letter of recommendations to Students with Diabetes in Tampa. I sent in my applications, and waited to hear on the results. 

Step 3. In April I found out that I was an Finalist for the internship program, and that I would be receiving an interview. I waited patiently for information on possible interviews. At this time as well, I was thinking about Studying Abroad in the Spring, and I also had to reapply to work at Dow Corning, where I had worked for the past 3 years. I also had another job opportunity as well for the summer. I waited patiently for the job that I wanted the Internship in the field of Diabetes through Students with Diabetes. 

Step 4. I was informed I had an Interview at JDRF at their National Communications and Marketing Headquarters in NYC. Upon hearing I did not receive this position, I had another interview with Sanofi Company, which is the creators of the Lantus Brand Insulin that I use. I was then informed that I did not receive this position as well. While I then contemplated my summer plans still available to me, I found out that I in fact suddenly received an internship with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation at their National Headquarters in New York City. I was so excited that my dreams had come true. After many phone calls with those at JDRF and Students with Diabetes, I was ready to start my internship! 

Step 5. As part of the internship, I was required to attend the Students with Diabetes Leadership Conference in Tampa, and encouraged to attend the Conference as well. I had an amazing time at both of these conferences, which took place at a hotel in Tampa Florida right after each other. I enjoyed meeting other interns, and sharing my experiences with other Type 1 and Type 3 (Those who care for Type 1's) Diabetics. I was so inspired after the conference because of the speakers and to see what is being done in the world of diabetes, that I was ready to go out into the world and make a difference! 
Leadership Conference 2013

My Awesome Roommate and I.
Ready to Knock Out Diabetes with JDRF. 
Paige and I.
Jeremy and I!
Harry Potter for the Win!
Nicole Johnson and I
 Step 6. During the conference I officially figured out my housing for NYC. I also had few issues during the conference of my blood sugars because I was surrounded by so many other Diabetics, that I made sure to check my blood sugar often! I got home from the conference on Sunday Night. and then moved into my housing in NYC the next Thursday. I've done so much traveling lately that I have become an expert of Airports. and during all of that, never had an issue with taking medical supplies through the airport and on the plane. From here, you have all been updated on my daily activities, and I will continue to post updates of my experience as an Intern with Diabetes in New York City

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