Friday, June 21, 2013

Day 16: June 21st: Bonjour tout le monde

J'espère que tout le monde avait un grand vendredi, je sais que j'ai fait!

Ok, enough of the French. I mean, I think it's French...Google says it's French.

I hope everyone had a great friday, I know I did! I will say though, now that I have successfully completed my second week at work, and the morning excitement has worn off a bit, I've been sleeping in later and later all week. Just practice for sleeping in tomorrow I suppose.
Casual Fridays=Purple Pants!

I was busy at work again today, creating schedules, reading up on news, adding ideas to papers, going to meetings, etc.! I keep getting thanked for helping out at work, but I'm like it's no problem, really. It's my job!! But I'm glad to help out anyways. I enjoy having work to do and staying busy. I also enjoy seeing what I've done, and seeing how much I am helping out, especially on a project as big as Children's Congress.

I went out to eat with the other intern today as well. We walked down Broadway a little bit, turned around, walked back, and walked into a shop neither of us had ever been too. It was a cross between a Deli, Buffet, and Convience Store...without the convient prices. Still it was nice having warm food and not a sandwich! After lunch, I had a meeting/conference call figuring stuff out  for Children's Congress, and that lasted until 4. I worked until 5, said my goodbyes, and headed out the door.

It was such a beautiful day outside, that I had to make my way somewhere, and do something! I knew that they were still filming the movie on Wall Street and Broad Street, so I made my past here. I just kept walking, and even passed the subway station which I normally take.  I did have a goal in mind to eventually get to. I wanted to walk the Brooklyn Bridge Home. Well I just wanted to see where my feet took me, which sometimes isn't a good idea, but I made sure to staying well populated areas and consult my map once in a while.  At one point during my walk, I did have to speed up my pace, as I pretended to know where I was going. No worries though, that only lasted about 2 sec. I ended up just making a square, which was good, because I was actually going the wrong way.
Random Path.

I finally found my way, with more map help, to the Brooklyn Bridge, and there was a shaddy looking sign saying Brooklyn Bridge Walkway, and an arrow pointing to under the bridge in a construction zone area. Now, I am smarter than to just go there myself, so I waited until I saw a Man in a suit head in that direction, and I followed him. No worries though, it let me exactly where I wanted to be! So then I walked the Brooklyn Bridge. It was a beautiful walk, and I made it home. It took probably an hour and a half total to get back home.
View from the Bridge

There was a movie/music video maybe/something...being filmed right outside my apartment building door when I got home. They weren't filming when I walked in, just talking about the shoot, but there were cameras, a director, actor, and pieces of a mobile set. That was kinda cool. I found I had a package from home that I finally went to pick up! Thanks mom and dad!!!
I had plans to maybe make a sandwich and then take it down to the water/Promenade, but there wasn't time for that. My roommate came back from her supper out, and we both got ready, I ate my sandwich inside, and then we headed out to find the movie!
Washington Square Park.
We made plans to head to Washington Square Park where a French Movie from the 50's was to be showing for free. It was called the French CanCan. It had English Subtitles, but since we were so far back, and ended up on our blanket, being behind chairs, we couldn't make out the titles. Thankfully we read the quick synopsis of the movie right as it started so that we could at least follow the major storyline. It was kind of a weird movie, but it was also funny, and an enjoyable way to spend an evening out in the park. We just got back from the Subway and the Park at 11:45pm.

The French Cancan
My numbers were absolutely incredible this morning. Then they were high right before lunch, and then I was perfect in the afternoon again. Well after that walk I was perfect, but I knew that wouldn't last long, so I ate my supper, without giving much insulin. Of course it was too little, so when I got back from the Movie, besides being super thirsty but having to not drink because I had to the use the facilities, I guessed I was high. And High I was. So I gave myself some insulin to hopefully bring myself back down a little big. The next worry is though how much I will drop in the night from all the walking I did. Juice Boxes at the ready!

I've got big plans for tomorrow with my roommate and some of her intern friends! :)

Bonne nuit, et vous parler tout plus tard!

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