Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day 22. June 27th: Bussssy Beeeee

whew! What a day, and it's not even over yet!

I feel like a honey bee hard at work in the nest. Although if I was a honey bee, my blood sugar would probably be through the roof.

At one point today I counted that I had over 25 different tabs, windows, and files open on my computer, with a pile of papers and notebooks on my desk littered with notes, highlights, and doodles.

Children's Congress is only 10ish days away, and the Pressures on to get everything done in time. Everyday new changes are coming, new elements need to be added, somethings taken away, and yet the to-do list continues to grow. I only see one part of the piece for putting on such a conference, and it's so extensive that I wonder what it's like in all the other departments right now!

Now that I'm looking back at the day, I don't remember where it went! After work, my roommate and I headed out to walk around Brooklyn, we went left instead of the normal right. After walking around we ended up at the fruit market place and got fresh fruit and some other needed items. Then we went back to the apartment, dropped those off and headed out again! This time to another grocery store that had a 10% student discount on Thursdays to get the rest of the groceries we needed. After that, it was time to make supper, connect with friends from home and watch some tv.

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