Friday, June 7, 2013

Day 2. June 7th

Today marked the second day in the Big City. Of course, it was another long day. It rained all day today, and by the time I got home from being out and about, I was soaked to the core. I will definitely need to invest in a new umbrella, since my other one pretty much got put out of commission due to the intense rain.
My Housing on Clark Street

After some bagels for breakfast, we started the day by initially planning out my route that I will be using to get to work, but it ended up with us sharing a taxi with another man and we headed to the major shopping district to find the Target.  We had some major things we needed to buy for my apartment. In the end we walked around the two floored Target, staking out what we would need to purchase, and then headed to buy a new pair of Jeans at Old Navy. At target, we were limited by what we could easily carry, for we were unsure how far away the subway station was. After a Credit Card Scare (everyone make sure you call your Credit Card Company when re-locating) we had a new pillow lamp, and a few bathroom items. While trying to figure out the nearest subway, in the rain, we started walking to Barclays Center and found a major Subway station right across the street! After dropping off our stuff at my apartment, we took a trip to the water again, and then went to map our my route to my internship site!

Wall Street!
 After we found our way to my place of internship, we continued and hit the area around the Staten Island Ferry. We saw the Statue of Liberty from the opposite direction. That was very cool. On our way back to my apartment, we ended up on the wrong subway, and instead of heading towards Brooklyn, we ended up at 42nd Street and Times Square. So of course we had to check it out!
Times Square
The New York Times in Times Square 
We walked around and made sure to enter the Toys R Us, Hershey's Store, and the M&M's store. Of course, the plan is to head back again without the added benefit of rain!!!!
Toys R Us

 Times Square and the Ball!

New York Stock Exchange and the Hershey's Store.

We made our way onto the Subway, headed home, and found a little restaurant right off of the Clark Street Subway for a late supper. Now its time for bed to be back out there again tomorrow! 

Of course, among all of this I had to care for my diabetes. I had one major low blood sugar while at Target, which I corrected. Last night I dropped my Long-Term insulin to help avoid too many lows. I'm hoping that with all the exercise I'm getting, I will be in the best shape I've been in a while. Mom's pedometer showed we walked at least 15 Miles!!! 

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